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2009 v. 2018: Contracts, Secrecy, and Steinburg.

County bureaucrats are exposed as having engaged in a sketchy contractual deal with an outside company.  The county commissioners were unaware.  Grassroots activists cry foul.  Bloggers rage. Sound familiar, Currituck County?  That was Chowan County in 2009.  One of those bloggers raising a fuss at…

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#ncpol: Shumaker driving NC govs protest of amendments?

The state’s drivebys are captivated by the fact that all living former governors came out against TWO of the proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.  Now, it appears the man behind the curtain on this gubernatorial protest is none other than uber-consultant Paul Shumaker…

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#ncga: Let’s do the (constitution amendment) hustle!

After being swatted down by some judges, the honorables are back in town to take another stab at (at least) TWO of the six amendments to the state constitution we are slated to vote on in November. The deadlines for printing ballots are fast approaching….

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#ncga: Harnett’s David Lewis moves his campaign ops to Raleigh

According to campaign finance documents, it apparently happened during the second quarter of 2018.  (June 29, to be exact.) As late as the first quarter of 2018, state Rep. David Lewis’s campaign finances were handled by TRP CPAs of Dunn, North Carolina — which is…

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#ncga: Stein-ball uproar forces changes in Currituck policy

Commissioner (and state House candidate and Bob Steinburg BFF) Bobby Hanig says that, even though the hubbub over The Steinburg Invitational is unwarranted, changes need to be made in the way the county does business: In response to what Currituck County Board of Commissioners Chairman…

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A courtroom win for The Constitution Party

And the hits keep coming for the powers-that-be on Jones Street: For the second time this month, a new state law targeting individual candidates running for office this November has been found unconstitutional. The state’s newly formed Constitution Party and three of its candidates won…

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#nc-09: Country over Party. (Really?)

Dan McCready honored his ROTC commitment.  That’s to be commended.  But this guy is trying harder than anybody since John F. Kerry to get maximum political mileage out of his old service uniform. This was on Twitter today: First, let’s look at the affiliation of…

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#ncga: Radical leftists touting Steinburg TO DEMOCRATS

The Environmental Defense Fund gave us Roy Cooper’s current DENR (DEQ) secretary Michael Regan.  They’ve touted Barack Obama as the “the most consequential of any president in our history.” Their people helped staff and run the Clinton and Obama EPAs.  They’ve endorsed alleged “Tea Party…

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#ncga: Radical environmentalists endorse Bob Steinburg

They’ve stood with Hillary Clinton. They’ve stood with Barack Obama.  They’ve dumped tons of money on Nancy Pelosi and her pals.  They’ve fought tooth-and-nail against President Trump. Now, The Environmental Defense Fund is stepping out in support of state Rep. Bob Steinburg’s state Senate campaign….

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Burr: No Russia-Trump collusion evidence. (But I’m still open to the idea.)

The Associated Press is the latest driveby entity to extend Richard Burr’s ’15 minutes of fame’ as the useful Republican idiot in the Russia collusion “investigation”: For much of the last two years, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr has been the Russia investigator who…