The Tales of Speaker Timmy: A phantom employee?

Kings Mountain has one of its own near the pinnacle of power in Raleigh. They should be proud of that.

But those folks — and most of us — should also be asking:  WHY is speaker Timmy’s law firm website still promoting an associate who apparently hasn’t worked there in FIVE years?

If you browse to the website for the speaker’s Kings Mountain law firm, you see it features bios on TWO lawyers — Timmy and an associate named Kristopher Hawkins. 

So far, so good?  But then you go to Mr. Hawkins’ LinkedIn profile:

According to information supplied by Mr. Hawkins, he has not worked for Moore since May 2018.  If that is the case, WHY is he – to this very day – IDed on the Moore Law website as an associate of the firm?

Perhaps no one has fooled with the firm’s website in five years?

You may remember: we reported on Timmy’s law firm accepting paycheck protection loans during the pandemic.