The Duke of Kings Mountain goes world-wide!

The British love their scandals.  Their tabloids have become legendary for rooting out all kinds of dirty laundry and hanging it out there topped with bawdy headlines for all of us to see.   There have been some doozies in Europe and the UK.  But it appears our very own Speaker Timmy has captured the interest of the British tabloids. (Don’t you miss the days when they were just tut-tutting us for keeping trannies out of the ladies room?)

The Daily Mail of London is explaining the current political mess in The Tar Heel State to our cousins across the pond:

EXCLUSIVE: North Carolina House Speaker, sued by ex-councilman for having ‘degrading’ group sex with his wife, hired goon to plant secret camera to dig up dirt in retaliation, explosive lawsuit alleges

  • Lassiter’s lawyers want to go after the mysterious ‘John Doe’ next – but don’t yet know his name or whether he was working solo or as part of a team […]

If you KNOW, it could be worth $5,000 to you.  


  • […] North Carolina‘s embattled House Speaker allegedly used a secret camera hidden in a bush to spy on a local official whose wife he is accused of bedding, can reveal. 

Tim Moore, one of the most powerful elected officials in the Tar Heel State, is said to have hireda mysterious goon to creep up to the home of Scott Lassiter under cover of darkness to plant the device in shrubbery.

The camera was placed in the flower bed in the early hours of June 1 – the Lassiters’ 10th wedding anniversary – a time stamp shows.

The caper backfired, however, when shocked Lassiter, 36, went to clear leaves from his driveway and spotted the tiny gadget, which is seen for the first time in exclusive images.

Instead of raising the alarm, Lassiter says he switched the camera for one of his own to spring a trap for the hapless prowler, who was caught on film when he returned to the suburban Raleigh home six nights later to figure out what was happening.

The intruder’s image is included in a bombshell lawsuit which accuses Moore, 52, of having a sordid three-year affair with Jamie Liles Lassiter, 33, then trying to bury the news by intimidating her husband.

Lassiter’s lawyers want to go after the mysterious ‘John Doe’ next – but don’t yet know his name or whether he was working solo or as part of a team.

‘John Doe is currently an unidentified defendant.  We would like to identify him as soon as possible so that he can be named and served in Mr. Lassiter’s pending civil action,’ Lassiter’s attorney Alicia Jurney told

‘The actions of the unidentified defendant have caused Mr. Lassiter a considerable amount of stress. 

‘It’s upsetting to realize that, while he was sleeping in what he believed to be the privacy of his home, an unknown person was setting up a hidden camera only a few yards away intending to capture him in this intimate setting.’

North Carolina is one of a handful of states that allow jilted spouses to sue someone for interfering in their marriage. 

Filed earlier this week, Lassiter’s complaint accuses Moore of wrecking his marriage by enticing Liles Lassiter into group sex and other ‘degrading’ acts. 

The veteran GOP pol has vehemently denied Lassiter’s claims, as has Liles Lassiter, who says she separated from her husband long before the events described in his suit.

Lassiter insists, however, that the pair were still happily married when he began hearing rumors about his wife’s ‘illicit’ affair with Moore, a divorced dad-of-two whom she had gotten to know through her job as executive director of the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court. 

When Liles Lassiter told him last December 21 that she was headed to the movies with a female friend, Lassiter, an assistant principal at a middle school, decided to ‘surveil’ her, the complaint says. 

The gal pal turned out to be Moore, a staunchly conservative lawmaker 19 years her senior, who has served in the North Carolina state House since 2002. […]

 Judging by this description of Timmy, and the current state of their Tory Party, the Brits have a radically different definition of the word ‘conservative’ than we do.


[…] The suit offers a blurry photo of the pair emerging from a steakhouse as proof of their ‘secret’ date. 

‘After dinner, Defendant Tim Moore drove Mrs. Lassiter, in the Lassiters’ car, to his residence in Raleigh, where they spent hours together and, upon information and belief, had sexual intercourse,’ it adds. 

Lassiter states that he grilled his wife when she returned to the marital home in Cary, a smart Raleigh suburb, early the next day. 

‘Mrs. Lassiter tearfully confessed that she had been involved in an extramarital affair with Defendant Tim Moore for more than three years, that she had engaged in sexual activity with Defendant Tim Moore (including group sex with other individuals seeking Defendant Tim Moore’s political favor), and that she feared ending the relationship with Defendant Tim Moore would result in losing her job,’ his suit adds.

Lassiter says that, while his wife was ‘adamant’ she wanted to save their marriage, she refused to end her fling with Moore ‘for fear of retaliation’.

The couple tried religious counseling and therapy but decided to go their separate ways on January 11, he claims. 

The split came several weeks after Lassiter, a former Apex City town council member, met Moore at a Biscuitville restaurant in Raleigh to confront him over the alleged tryst. […]

Biscuitville. *Sigh.*.  The heartbreak capital of the Carolinas.  What do you want to wager there’s tape of this Biscuitville rendezvous?


[…] Moore responded to the December 26 showdown by admitting to the affair but asking ‘if there was anything he could do’ for Lassiter, ‘implying that he could use the power held as Speaker in some way to benefit Plaintiff,’ it’s alleged. 

Lassiter says he angrily rejected the offer leaving Moore worried that his political ambitions would be thwarted if the affair leaked out.

It was around six months later that Moore allegedly hired the private investigator-type to secretly install a trail camera on Lassiter’s $800,000 property, pointing straight up at his four-bed house, the complaint says. 

The motion-activated device, planted at 3:18am on June 1, was designed to ‘surreptitiously record Plaintiff’s private actions in his own home’ that Moore could use to ‘persuade [Lassiter] not to pursue any valid legal claims against him,’ it states.[…]

Okay.  We’ve got THIS mess,  the mess at the NCGOP state convention, ALL of Thom Tillis’ antics in DC, AND the issues with Mark and Yolanda Robinson’s family business.  IS the NCGOP purposely trying to throw the 2024 elections to the Democrats?