Robinson Family Matters: STILL stonewalling

We’ve reported in-depth on some serious problems with the financial reporting on Mark Robinson and Yolanda Hill-Robinson’s family business, Balanced Nutrition. It’s only fair that a man who so badly wants to move into that big house on Raleigh’s Blount Street work overtime to give us all a little peace of mind.

We’ve found what looks like repeated false statements to the IRS.  We’ve found numbers submitted to the IRS which don’t correlate to those from an independent audit.  We’ve found more than $173,000 in “salary expenses” for one year with no clear, identified recipient(s).

In Balanced Nutrition’s filings with the IRS, Hill-Robinson pledged to share the company’s IRS filings “upon request” with anyone who asked.  The IRS has yet to make the company’s 2022 filings public.  A source close to The Haymaker contacted Yolanda Hill-Robinson roughly three weeks ago seeking a copy of the IRS form 990 for Balanced Nutrition for 2022.  According to our source, Hill-Robinson herself promised to produce a copy for my source. 

Three weeks later, we are still waiting for that promised Form 990. The form we are seeking would provide in-depth details on Balanced Nutrition’s financial practices for the year 2022. 

These are some serious questions out there regarding the family business’s practices in handling a lot of taxpayer money.  One would think an aspiring governor would be doing cartwheels to get this explained and /or corrected and off the political radar screen.  Yet, there’s silence.  And stonewalling.

You can deal with it now.  Or you can put your head in the sand and wait for the Democrats to bring it up again in late October 2024.