Robinson Family Matters: Yikes! An audit!

In this latest installment of our look at the government contracting firm operated by Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s wife Yolanda Hill, we have our grubby hands on an independent auditor’s report for 2021 to compare with the firm’s 2021 IRS form 990 filings.

Usually, IRS filings match up pretty well with the findings of an audit.  Both documents come from the same source: the company’s own books.

Unfortunately, we’re not finding that to be the case with Greensboro-based Balanced Nutrition. 

Let’s start with Expenses.  

This is the number purported to portray what was paid by Balanced Nutrition from the government to their clients. The audit document (page 8) shows the total expense for “program and services” to be $1,218,052.   Now, refer to Part IX, line 24, of Balanced Nutrition’s 2021 form 990 filing.  There, the total “Reimbursement to facilities” is listed as $1,146,415.  We’re talking about the same time period — the calendar year 2021.  That comes to a discrepancy of $71,577 between the documents for the year 2021.

Now, let’s move to “salaries and benefits.”

Here is what the independent auditor shows for Salaries and Benefits expenses: 


The audit shows $140,143 in salaries and benefits for the year 2021.  The IRS form 990 filing shows $173,108 in salaries and benefits spent in 2021.  Both the audit AND the form 990 got their data from the same source:  the files at the Robinson family business.

The data covers the same exact time period.  But we have a roughly $32,965 discrepancy between the two documents. 

Neither the audit  nor the IRS form 990 offer details on who specifically the salaries and benefits were allocated to.  The IRS filing for 2021 submitted by Yolanda Hill (Robinson) listed three employees and / or officers earning NO salary or benefits.

Total Revenue

There was a small discrepancy here between what got reported to the IRS and what made the audit.  IRS Form 990 for 2021 showed a total revenue of $1,345,356 for Balanced Nutrition.  The audit reported a total revenue number of $1,352,637.  Given those total amounts, one could argue that’s close enough for government work.   But it does make it harder to explain the significant discrepancies between the audit and the IRS form for Salaries and Benefits and Program Expenses.

So, that gives us a total question mark worth $104,542 in tax dollars for Balanced Nutrition in 2021.

As we’ve said before, someone in the Robinson camp needs to explain this.