It ain’t OVER: Gov. Stoopid stands with pervs and groomers

It’s amazing how so many Raleigh politicians have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the conclusion that mutilating two year olds — and grooming them into the cult of transgenderism — is wrong.  Speaker Timmy and many of his cronies initially fought against anti-grooming, anti-mutilation bills.  But the grassroots got them real correct, real fast.

But Gov. Stoopid has decided he’s going to jump into the loving embrace of the Chapel Hill-Durham-Obama-Biden crowd on this one:

Gov. Roy Cooper issued vetoes Wednesday on three bills that he called a “triple threat of political culture wars” aimed at children, parents and the transgender community in North Carolina.

To the surprise of no one, Cooper put his veto stamp to House Bill 574, the ”Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” Senate Bill 49, the ”Parents’ Bill of Rights” and House Bill 808, the ”Gender Transition/Minors” act.

Each of those bills was passed by mostly party-line votes in the General Assembly after passionate debates about their effects on young people who are dealing with gender identity issues and how those issues are addressed by parents and discussed in schools.[…]

You have to love how our drive-bys adopt the language of the molotov-cocktail-tossing left in their “reporting.”  At some point, maybe they’ll begin to understand why their ratings and circulation numbers are collapsing.

Is our moron of a governor seriously trying to sell us on government employees knowing what’s “better” for kids than the kids’ own parents?  He and his comrades seem to be operating on the assumption that parents are abusers until proven otherwise.

MOST ACTUAL WOMEN are furious about guys in drag competing against them in their sports.

Are we also expected to buy the assertion that a two year old born a boy KNOWS he needs to be a girl?

The fact that this doofus has made it through seven years on Blount Street is a sad statement about Pat McCrory, Dan Forest AND the state GOP.

It’s good in a sense that Coop & co. are confirming our suspicions about how extreme they are. It’s too bad that we don’t have a competent elected opposition to communicate this to the taxpaying, voting public.

Most gays don’t approve of Cooper & co.’s BS positions.  They especially don’t like the targeting of kids.

Roy Cooper is siding with the G-string clad men twerking in front of toddlers.  Roy Cooper thinks it’s great that guys in drag are in the lockerrooms and restrooms with your wives and daughters.  Roy Cooper thinks it’s great that your marriage is being devalued to the point that it is comparable with just about ANYTHING.

We got all kinds of celebration about these three bills passing the legislature.  The folks who voted for them need to step up one more time and override Roy’s vetoes. It’s fraudulent, to say the least, to campaign on supporting these bills pre-veto, when you disappear at override time.

Way too many GOP legislators are afraid of screaming drag queens and the “negative” publicity from WRAL’s Butch Leslie and The N&O.  Those folks have not had your back since 2010.  It’s getting harder and harder to fight for some of you in this “supermajority.” It’s times like this that tell us whether or not we need to keep fighting. 

Go ahead and get ‘er done.