Pictures can be worth 1000s of words (especially when they blow holes in your spin / legal defense)

The latest version of events from Team Timmy in re: l’affaire Lassiter is that the speaker dated Jamie Lassiter for a few years prior to the alienation of affection complaint being filed (starting in 2019) but thought she was separated.  

Remember, the speaker advertises himself on his law firm website as a specialist in divorce law.  (Then again, he also advertises an associate who reported hasn’t worked at the firm in five years.)

Team Timmy has also released statements attributed to Jamie Lassiter :

[…] Through her lawyer, Liles Lassiter said in a previous statement to The N&O that the lawsuit was “outrageous and defamatory” and that Lassiter’s claims in the lawsuit “are not only false but impossible as we’ve been separated with a signed separation document for years.”

“To be clear, I’m a strong professional woman, and the only person who has ever abused me or threatened my career was my soon to be ex-husband. Our marriage was a nightmare, and since I left him it has gotten worse. We are reaching the end of our divorce process and this is how he’s lashing out,” Liles Lassiter said. […]

Pictures from the time period in question do suggest an alternative version to Jamie Lassiter’s recall of events.  The AofA complaint was filed this month.  According to the complaint, Scott Lassiter met with Speaker Timmy in the Biscuitville parking lot in December 2022.

Scott Lassiter, according to the complaint, insists the couple did not separate until January 2023.

Here’s a photo dated November 15, 2021.  Scott Lassiter was gearing up for a 2022 NC House run that he eventually scrapped – thanks to some unfavorable redistricting changes.


*Boy, this just SCREAMS “unhappiness”, hmm?*

Here’s another photo from May 20, 2022 – also within Timmy’s time frame — taken at a state GOP meeting.


Yep.  Another “marriage on the rocks.”

As with so many things in Raleigh,  what politicians SAY often has little correlation to reality.