“Resolved” ????

THAT is what an attorney for Scott Lassiter is telling the drive-bys about their client’s alienation-of-affection complaint against Speaker Timmy. Sources close to Timmy — i.e., MOST of the drive-bys — are trying to paint this as a surrender by Mr. Lassiter.

Typically, with lawsuit settlements, there are non-disclosure agreements aimed at keeping the settlement details very hush-hush.  Especially when one or both parties to the complaint are high-profile.  No one has to publicly admit wrong-doing. 

Drive-by media reports had indicated Mr. Lassiter was seeking $200,000 from Timmy.

But there are a few details that make you — like Arsenio Hall — say ‘Hmmmmmm.’   The fact that this story gets leaked to the drive-bys the day before July 4th is interesting.  A lot of people are off work and on the move with vacations. There’s likely not a lot of attention on the news.  The middle of a long holiday weekend is a great time — like any given Friday — to release unflattering news. 

It’s also interesting that Mr. Lassiter’s attorney was the one to comment to the press.  If the settlement was favorable to Speaker Timmy, his folks would have likely been crowing all over the place.

It’s unfortunate that we likely won’t get a probe of the allegations made in the complaint – electronic eavesdropping, trespassing, wife-stealing, an official using government power for an illicit end. 

How much faith can we have in the man from Kings Mountain with these things still hanging out there unanswered?

Are there ANY state Republicans out there still proud to have this guy out there as a party leader?  Anyone? (Bueller?)

What about you folks in Kings Mountain and Cleveland County?  Have y’all been sufficiently embarrassed yet?

It’s not like this has been a one-off for Timmy.  There’s a history.