Arguing with inanimate objects: Mark Robinson tussles with a timer during DC speech

Most people tend to look askance at those who engage in arguments with inanimate objects. But what do you do when it’s your lieutenant governor doing the arguing?

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson was one of the invited speakers at the  Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2023 conference in Washington, DC on June 23.  It’s not unusual for speakers – on crowded agendas – to have timekeepers urging them to “wrap it up” for the sake of fitting in all speakers in a timely manner.

This time – according to the tape – the lieutenant governor was having a real problem with the off-camera person or device keeping time during his speech.  Robinson delivered his standard, boilerplate campaign stump speech to a very enthusiastic audience gathered in DC.

But things started to get interesting around the 5:06 mark of the speech, when Robinson said:

[…] “Supposed to be a timer here. Don’t see it. So, for the next two hours you all are stuck with me.”[…]

Apparently, the LT found the timer.  Fast-forward to the 8:32 mark of the taped speech, where Robinson says:

[…] “This thing all of a sudden now says ‘Please stop. Your time is up.’ […] “I’m going to tell you like the little cartoon character used to say: ‘You’re too late!'[…]

Now, we fast-forward to the 11:36 mark of the tape, where Robinson says, either to an off-camera person or the device itself:

[..] “No, I will not stop!”[…]