The Pinehurst Hot Mess: Strickland & Brownson’s Obama goons pressure Pinehurst on “hate” resolution

If you do even a little online research, you’ll see that the Alinsky-Obama-Clinton Left is putting the screws to conservative communities across the country.  Small red-state towns are being besieged by “pride” parades and drag-queen story hours for kids. If you dare to object, you’re a hater.  Leftists across the country are working overtime to bring the values of San Francisco and NYC to small-town Main Street USA.  Their message used to be ‘leave us alone to live our lives in peace and privacy.’ Now, they’re demanding we change everything to accommodate them — and throw in our kids while we’re at it.

This Sandhills Coalition for Peace, Love, and Justice – whose activities are hosted and underwritten by Southern Pines’  Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church – is led by hardcore Democrats and various leftist interest group leaders.  It’s no coincidence that they are kicking things into overdrive here in conservative, loyally-Republican Moore County. 

Southern Pines, Vass, Aberdeen AND the Moore County Commissioners have already caved to this group’s demagoguery.  *Sign onto our resolution, or be condemned and slandered in perpetuity as a haven for ‘haters.’ *

It doesn’t matter that one of the allegedly-hate-hating Coalition’s lead spokesmen is Democrat activist Lowell Simon, who has gone on record bashing Christians and Arabs. (He’s a DEM and a leftist, so he somehow gets a PASS.)

The Pinehurst Village Council smartly and bravely dropped this silly resolution from its agenda.  Brownson member and lame-duck mayor John Strickland tried to stop the dropping, but failed.  Strickland is working overtime to get the resolution back on the agenda.  Council members Lydia Boesch, Jeff Morgan, and ‘Parachute Pat’ Pizzella are wisely and valiantly opposing Strickland and Jane Hogeman on this one.

Here’s the latest lobbying effort from the Coalition:

In the Obama-Biden era, George Orwell’s predictions / prophecies are at risk of becoming realities.  “Wrong” thoughts and emotions are being cracked down on by government.  One state has already criminalized speech that makes people “fearful.”

Signing onto this Moore County resolution really paints people into a corner.  If you dare to poke your head up and criticize lefty attacks on traditional values in your community, you can be deemed a ‘hater’ who puts his or community in violation of the resolution the city council passed.

Imagine that someone wanted to host a drag queen story hour for kids at the Given Library in Pinehurst.  (Don’t think that it can’t happen.  Especially now that the library is government-owned.)

If you object, you’re a ‘hater.’  And who wants to be known as a ‘hater’ ?  *And how could you dare to oppose something like that after you just signed on to this sketchy ‘hate condemnation’  resolution?*

The Village of Pinehurst is regularly recognized as one of the state’s safest communities and one of the best places in the state to live (in spite of The Friday Group and a small, loud coterie of grumpy Yankees).  Trying to paint the place as a hotbed of hate would be one hell of a stretch.

The Coalition had been trying to use the posting of two ‘anti-Semitic’ banners on US 1 near Vass as justification for the resolution. No one would have even noticed the banners if it had not been for the caterwauling of this Democrat-led Coalition and Pravda-on-Pennsylvania.

A lot of people pass through our county on US 1. It’s not fair to hold me and my neighbors accountable for the actions of a couple of drunk losers writing on a few bedsheets.  I, for one, remember the notorious Jussie Smollett ‘hate crime’ scam.  Believe it or not, leftists DO fabricate these kinds of things.

The banners-on-the-bridge thing wasn’t working, so the Coalition and their comrades in the newsroom at Pravda-on-Pennsylvania moved on to the social media-based spat between school board members Bob Levy and David Hensley.  Both men are being criticized for their use of the word ‘nazi’ in criticizing each other as well as political opponents.  (Levy is Jewish, by the way.) So – surprise – Hitler gets introduced into the propaganda campaign. Never mind that Levy and Hensley were using the word ‘nazi’ more in line with how Jerry Seinfeld (also a Jew) used the term ‘soup nazi’ in his acclaimed eponymous sitcom. 

Whether you think it is appropriate or not, ‘nazi’ has become a euphemism for someone who is unreasonably draconian or authoritarian. (We do have more than our fair share of those types in Pinehurst.)

I can’t vouch for everybody in Pinehurst. But I do know there are a lot of good people here.  A lot of people come here from all over the world to have a good time. (Many of them end up staying around.)

Signing onto this resolution will not make these lefties shut up and go away.  They will officially OWN you in perpetuity. 

If you are aware of a situation in Pinehurst involving attacks on someone based on race or faith, bring that information to the authorities.  Otherwise, this resolution is not helpful at all.  It’s about a loud, unrepresentative group of radical leftists scoring political points at our expense.