Grassroots Outrage: Popping up like dandelions

Politicians and bureaucrats — from Greg Murphy to Tim Reeder to Tim Moore to a whole swath of college administrators — across the state have been lying their patooties off about the mutilation and grooming of minor children at state-funded facilities.  The drive-by media, the alleged defenders of the First Amendment, have done their best to hide the truth.  Thanks to the hard work of the Education First Alliance, we now know the truth about what has been happening at UNC Health, ECU Health, and Duke Health. 

Exposing the truth has led to this cabal of politicians and bureaucrats to suggest that the truth-tellers are putting the lives of “health care workers” at risk.  Actually, if you’re doing something you have to be sneaky about — that MIGHT piss off the taxpayers who fund you, you should expect some heat to be aimed your way once the truth is revealed. 

(I’m certainly not advocating violence against the college employees who have been partaking in this massive grooming and mutilation project.  But the whole “putting lives at risk” defense is a shameful ploy to deflect well-deserved criticism of what these people DID.)

Meanwhile, some interesting signs have been popping up across the Tar Heel State’s landscape. Here’s one from Greenville:


Here’s another from the vicinity of Chapel Hill:


And here’s one more from just south of Dunn: