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Berger: PLEASE don’t cancel 2012 NC Gov election

        I am sure North Carolina Republicans are sitting back and enjoying some rare bad publicity for Madame Governor.   State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) put out this gem in a statement Wednesday: “In light of Gov. Perdue’s support…

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So, now we’re going with “out-of-context”?

    It appears that Madame Governor keeps her press office in a constant state of turmoil.  Back when we had all of those tornadoes, her damage-control team could not decide whether she was IN RALEIGH solving problems or enjoying A HORSE RACE IN KENTUCKY….

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And now a word from the CEO of the EIB Network

  The Great One, the maha-Rush-ee himself,  delivered this piece of wisdom on Madame Governor and her totalitarian fantasies on his Wednesday radio show: The Drive-By Media spends a lot of time and a lot of effort trying to make Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the…

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She said WHAT ????????

I am sure Madame Governor’s remarks to the Cary Rotarians are giving her damage-control team migraines.  Suddenly, other bizarre statements straight from The Boss Lady’s Mouth are coming over the transom.  Surprisingly, this one is from The News & Observer: When Perdue is off script,…

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Audio: Boss Bev WAS serious !!!!

    Surprisingly, the sycophants and apologists for all things portside in the newsroom at The Raleigh News & Observer first told us about Madame Governor suggesting elections should be postponed.  Then, their editor jumped in, threw the reporter who broke the story under the…

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Bev, bipartisanship, and those silly – silly – silly elections

Well, Madame Governor got us some national news coverage on Tuesday that made us look *VERY WISE* for making her our boss lady. ”Dem Guv calls for ‘suspending elections’ ” screamed the banner headline on The Drudge Report.  The headline was accompanied by a photo…

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City of Fayetteville, columnist: state’s annexation law is racist

    You know Leftists and bureaucrats have nearly run out of ammo when they let fly with the  ol’ “racism” bomb. Fayetteville Observer columnist Myron Pitts — a young man in training to be the next Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, seeing a pointy…

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Gov Bev OK with gay day in May?

  In his ill-advised visit to UNC-Chapel Hill law school to defend the state legislature’s approval of a May referendum on a gay marriage prohibition amendment for the state constitution, House Majority Leader Skip Stam let an interesting little nugget slip out that is surely…

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Stam goes into the belly of the beast, gets gnawed on

Seriously, Mr. Leader.  What good did you think could come from going to Chapel Hill to defend the gay marriage ban constitutional amendment? Going over there was akin to a cat accepting a party invitation from a pack of pit bulls.  It’s like trying to…

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Huh? What? A listening tour?

The campaign silly season is upon us.  Politicians are running all over the countryside kissing babies and telling us how bad the other guys are. Thanks to the Tea Party — which the MSM loves to tell us is so extreme, racist, hated, etc. —…