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Raise legislator pay? (Better idea: limit their time in session, scope of influence)

Colon Campbell has escaped from the men’s room (AND the dungeon-like N&O newsroom) to fill the shoes of the late Mark Binker over at The Insider. He’s starting off by brown-nosing the hell out of Speaker Timmy and the boys: A fellow reporter and I…

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#ncga: Effectiveness, Shmeffectiveness.

Civitas is out with their Conservative Effectiveness ratings for the 2017 North Carolina General Assembly. First of all, I’m taking a little bit of an exception with some of the things they’re calling “conservative” votes.   For instance, the resolution on the Convention of States DOES…

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#ncga: N&O joins WRAL’s crusade to tar Rep. Millis as a BIGOT

  It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s stands on the issues.  It’s another altogether to smear someone with falsehoods and half-truths while pretending to be an objective observer and reporter of the news.   Laura Leslie tried to tie vulgar tweets to Rep. Chris Millis…

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#ncga: “Taking Care” of Brock

Some eyebrows got raised with the appointment of senator Andrew Brock (R-Davie) to the Board of Review at the Employment Security Commission.   (The job comes with a six-figure salary.) The spin was put out there that the legislative Republicans made the appointment because Gov….

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#ncga: Moore County losing Jerry Tillman?

Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman (R) has been representing Moore County in the North Carolina Senate since the retirement and passing of Moore County native Harris Blake. Multiple sources tell us that it is now appearing — thanks to the court-ordered redistricting for legislative districts —…

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Scowlin’ Rob: Domestic violence. Voting Republican. (What’s the difference?)

Um, yeah.  He went there. If I, or anyone else on the right, had made THAT sort of analogy about people voting for Roy Cooper or Crazy Bernie or Barry Obama,  we’d be lynched on the front lawn of the WRAL studios.  But here’s Blinkin’…

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#ncga: Solar Lives! (Phil,Timmy and The Party of Mandates)

I never thought I’d see the day when Republicans cheer the extension of government mandates that are PROVEN to squeeze more money out of working people’s pockets. With each passing day, the few of us who still pay attention are reminded more and more about…

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#ncga: Chris Millis has their attention.

The gentleman from Pender County has been a back-bencher for most of his career on Jones Street.  He’s dismissed for his *silly* devotion to conservatism, limited government, and stuff like THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. Quite often — even in a Republican controlled House — his sensibly…

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#ncga: Impeach her? (I hardly even know her.)

Well, it looks like ‘Occupy Elaine’ might have finally bitten off more than her dentures can chew:  North Carolina legislative Republicans are taking aim once again at Democrats in the executive branch of state government. Just hours after enacting a budget that slashes the budgets…

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#ncga: Oh, look! We’ve got (RECALLED) mail!

It’s always great to hear from our friends at the North Carolina General Assembly.  Some really interesting things tend to pop in our email inbox from over there.  This time, things are a little different.  At 4:59 PM, Beverly Slagle — an aide to Rep….