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#ncga: Chris Millis has their attention.

The gentleman from Pender County has been a back-bencher for most of his career on Jones Street.  He’s dismissed for his *silly* devotion to conservatism, limited government, and stuff like THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. Quite often — even in a Republican controlled House — his sensibly…

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#ncga: Impeach her? (I hardly even know her.)

Well, it looks like ‘Occupy Elaine’ might have finally bitten off more than her dentures can chew:  North Carolina legislative Republicans are taking aim once again at Democrats in the executive branch of state government. Just hours after enacting a budget that slashes the budgets…

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#ncga: Oh, look! We’ve got (RECALLED) mail!

It’s always great to hear from our friends at the North Carolina General Assembly.  Some really interesting things tend to pop in our email inbox from over there.  This time, things are a little different.  At 4:59 PM, Beverly Slagle — an aide to Rep….

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#ncga: NOW the solar goons are AGAINST getting themselves PAID?

Oh how the worm turns.   The solar goons fought so hard to buy off just enough politicians to get HB 589 — a sweet, sweet payoff courtesy of the taxpayers — through the NC House.  Now, it appears they want it killed.  Here’s the…

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy likes the taste of ‘pork’, too.

Just like Axel Foley, I smell ‘pork.’   Here’s The Shelby Star, Speaker Timmy’s hometown paper:  Among the questioned earmarks included in the proposed state budget is a $5 million allotment for Cleveland Community College. Democrats and critics of the spending plan have zeroed in…

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Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

Apparently, state senator Jeff Tarte has been fielding some questions about his hand-off of $200,000 of our money to a local charity in Mecklenburg County.  The charity has ONE MILLION in the bank, and was already on the verge of meeting its monthly fundraising goal….

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#ncga: Solar goons getting closer to their JACKPOT

HB589 quietly made its way out of a Senate committee. It’s interesting, to say the least, that we are not provided a a vote margin or roll call on the measure.  Here are some insights on the current version in the Senate from an insider…

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#ncga: Being charitable with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY

I’m a big fan of private citizens voluntarily investing their time, talents, and funds to do good for their fellow man.  (I’ve done my share via my involvement with various civic clubs and my church.)  It can feel quite good knowing that your sacrifice /…

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#ncga: Movement in Senate on solar goon giveaway

HB589 — a veritable jackpot and smorgasbord for solar goons and other related special interests — sailed through the House earlier this month.  It went to the Senate on the 8th and sat there quietly in the Rules Committee until the 23rd.   It’s been…

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#ncga: STILL taking care of (THEIR) businesses

The North Carolina House dealt with a bill Thursday that directly affects the funeral home business.  Representatives Jamie Boles (R), Howard Hunter (D), and Kelly Alexander (D) are the primary sponsors of HB629 — which exempts funeral home owners, their businesses, and their “agents” from…