Your authoritarian streak is showing.


The ideology that claims to be the champion of personal freedom sure is taking a hard-nosed stance against things they don’t like.  Say something that offends one of the Left’s protected groups, and your reputation will be destroyed.  (Try being in office, or running for office, and defending the concepts that there are only two genders and men should only visit men’s restrooms and locker rooms.  Try going into the bakery business and refusing to make cakes for gay “weddings.”)

Set up a display that leftists don’t like? All kinds of judges, bureaucrats and politicians on the left have ratified the concept of tearin’ that sumbitch down if you don’t like what you see.

Mad about how the elections turned out?  Get a bunch of your ideological soulmates on the bench to start declaring the government and all of its legislation “unconstitutional.”    (Whether it is or not.)

These are tactics that worked well in the early days of Marxist revolutions around the world.  American leftists have apparently been so pleased with those results that they’ve enlisted their agents in the Democrat Party to adopt them here in North Carolina and around the country.

The latest tripe to come from  these groups is a recent ruling by a Wake County Superior Court judge that all of those constitutional amendments that passed in November are “unconstitutional” because the legislature that placed them on the ballot was so gerrymandered that it, itself, was “unconstitutional.

(Incidentally, the, um, “creative” judge who made the ruling was the same hyper-partisan, delusional sap who deep-sixed Greg Brannon’s senatorial run in 2014 thereby blessing us with Thom Tillis. )

The judge’s wife was also one of the liberals who made it onto the state court of appeals thanks to Dallas and Robin’s botching of the 2018 judicial races. 

Using the, um, “logic” employed by Judge Collins, pretty much everything ever passed by the North Carolina General Assembly could be tossed out.    The 13th and 14th amendment to the US Constitution could be thrown out.  They were added to our governing document by a Congress missing roughly HALF of the states.

Hopefully, this idiot’s decision will be quickly and decisively overturned.  And the voters of Wake County shall be appropriately punished for saddling  the rest of us with such freaks. (Though, if they haven’t been punished for the travesty that is John Burns, they won’t be punished a lick for this transgression.) 

Congratulations, folks.  Government has been allowed to grow so large and intrusive and cumbersome that we now have CHAOS.  What do we do about it?