#ncga: Clarifying LITTER ????


*SMDH.*  (Seriously?????)

If you ever needed evidence that these people spend too damn much time in Raleigh, HERE IT IS. 

State Rep.  John Torbett (R), a Friend-of-Timmy, has decided that we’re not smart enough to know what IS and IS NOT litter.  So, he’s introduced a bill that is on Wednesday’s House calendar expanding the definition of “litter” to include “yard waste.”  You know:  grass clippings, bush trimmings, and other natural bio-degradable stuff.  

If Torbett’s bill passes, you can be hit with a fine of $200 and 8 to 24 hours of “community service.”  According to the bill, stuff that is put neatly out onto the curb for pickup does not count here.  But what happens IF, let’s say, a gust of wind blows some grass clippings out of the bag you’ve put at the curb and dumps them in the curb in front of your house.  The litter nazi comes driving by in his or her hybrid before you get out in the yard and notice, and cites you for “littering.”   Let’s say the trash man spills some grass clippings in the curb area while picking up your special packages.  (It’s happened to ME.) Let’s say the litter nazi cruises by before you get home to see what the trash man has done.  Too bad, so sad. You are the proud new owner of a $200 ticket and have 8 to 24 hours of community service on your calendar. 

Will there be scientific testing to prove said grass clippings came from YOUR yard instead of your neighbors?  And WHO pays for THAT?

I see that campaign signs and political mailers and brochures are exempted from this revised definition of litter.  (*Isn’t that special?*)

It certainly says something about the Tim Moore and David Lewis-led House that THIS was even allowed on the House calendar.

NOBODY sane was asking for this.  THIS is HOA jack-booted Hitler-wannabe nonsense.  A dream come true for THOSE weirdos.

How about leaving people alone?  I thought that is what the NCGOP promised when they took over in 2010.

If they ever include bullsh!t in the legal definition of litter, I can think of at least 170 people on Jones Street who will GO BROKE paying off tickets.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Clarifying LITTER ????

  1. How about that jackass teenager (I was one 20 years ago) that drives through your neatly piled “yard waste” blowing it all over hell? …. With a $200 fine and commmunity service, guess we’ll have to go back to putting conderblocks inside!

  2. I do see a lot of landscapers blowing grass clippings into the roadways but it might be better to let ICE take care of that issue and not more legislation

    1. C’mon Man. I said “at least 170.” That can include staff. I have no comment on who may or may not be included in that number. (Besides, you’re not in any danger of ever going broke. I hear you’re rich.)
      ; )

  3. As I understand, this issue came up because of motorcyclists being injured from wrecks caused by grass clippings that were blown onto the road. A volume of clippings in the curve of a road has allegedly been a problem back in that district. Many felt that grass clippings were already covered under the law, but it was not clear, and local authorities would not restrict the practice. This law was intended to clarify, at the request of constituents.

    Some guys file bills at the request of constituents if they think they are reasonable. Some don’t.

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