Those rowdy “guests” from down south


Some of those * poor defenseless needy “refugees” * from south of the border are really starting to wear out their welcome, eh?

Just the other day, a gaggle of folks with wet backs held a raucous protest at The Holiday Inn Express  in Burlington — trying to shut it down.  The reason?  The hotel had the nerve to actually rent rooms to ICE agents traveling through the state on business.   A group called SiembraNC was behind the “storming” of the hotel lobby.

Interestingly, “siembra” translates into the English word “sowing.”

Make America Great Again?  (More like “Make America More Like Mexico.”)

Oh, and it gets, um, better.

Masked “protesters” stormed the National Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, TX and defaced a memorial to border patrol officers killed in the line of duty.


It’s an invasion.  These people have more loyalty to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and the rest than they do to the United States.  They’re looting every last red cent out of our social safety net as they aggressively chip away at the very foundations of our way of life.

Enough is enough.