#ncga: They came for your mopeds. They came for your grass clippings. NOW they want your kid’s bike.


The remnants of the ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh sure are sounding a lot like the flaming bags of poo we threw out in 2010.  There must be something about getting closer to all that taxpayer and lobbyist ca$h that make you want to get deeper into other people’s business, pilfer away more of their hard-earned cash, and not give one damn about cutting the size or scope of our already morbidly-obese state government.  

We already told you about efforts to fine and further punish people who let “yard waste” accumulate.  (“Yard waste” is grass clippings and hedge trimmings to the rest of us outside the bureaucrat fantasy world.)

A former legislator, friendly with this site, recalls an instance a  few years back when the General Assembly sought to register and tax mopeds and require they be insured:

 “I remember joking, ‘ The next thing you know, they’ll be trying to tax your kid’s bike.’ And doggone if they aren’t trying to do that.”

State Rep.  Jeffrey Elmore (R) of Alexander and Wilkes counties has introduced legislation entitled “DMV registration of Bicycles.”

The bill calls for a $10 annual fee and mandates the possession of a registration  card and “registration plate.”

Look at how long we have to wait for stuff DMV already has authority over.  Can you imagine what adding bicycles to their domain will do ????

What makes this bill even more, um, “special” is Elmore’s comments to the John Locke Foundation in 2014:

I guess the whole “lower taxes” and “deregulation” thing doesn’t count when it comes to personal property already owned by people already here.   Or your KID’S stuff, for that matter.

(Viva la revolución!)