#ncga: Even more RATS pile on Folwell in the House


We told you earlier about a bill promoted — and likely drafted by — the hospital lobby to screw over treasurer Dale Folwell.   Well, the list of weasels and rats putting their names on the bill is getting bigger.  Some folks apparently owe the hospital lobby much more than we realized.  Here’s an updated list of the sponsors:

  • Rep. Chris Humphrey (R) Mr. right place, right time.  He filed in a district where an incumbent Democrat had been gerrymandered out. Lots of campaign help from leadership and the NCGOP.  
  • Rep. Ted Davis (R)  — The state GOP went all out to save him from a ferocious DEM offensive in his district in November.  This pinky-raising, tea-sipping worthless, unprincipled country-clubber  was considered a ‘dead man walking.’
  • Rep.  Josh Dobson (R) — Let’s not forget ‘Mr. International Travel for Legislative Business.’  
  • Rep, Chuck McGrady (R).  Registered Republican, but former president of The Sierra Club.  ‘Nuff said, eh?
  • Rep.  John Faircloth (R)Oh, I guess the blue wave didn’t get him after all.  (Why couldn’t HE have quit and Blust stayed?) 
  • Rep.  Mitch Setzer (R)chairman of the House Empty Suit Caucus.  
  • Rep. William Brisson (D.  No, R. er, no. D.  R?) ––  He’s from Bladen County. Did he hire McCrae Dowless? (Get on that, Ms. Strach.) 
  • Rep.  Julia Howard (R) — Can’t believe she’s still alive.  What is she, 200?
  • Plus FIVE Democrats.

So, that’s EIGHT alleged Republicans openly waging war on a Republican statewide elected official.  And all of them got financial and logistical aid from the NCGOP HQ during the last campaign.  They’re seeking to strip treasurer Folwell of one of his most important constitutional responsibilities.  They’re also siding with special interests against the state employees association — whose members will be the most directly affected by what Folwell does.  The SEANC is supportive of Folwell’s ideas for the health plan.    Beyond that — Folwell’s plan is fiscally responsible.  It saves taxpayer money.  And it staves off a potential disaster if the can keeps getting kicked down the road.

This is crookedness.  This is corruption.  This is amorality.  This is wrong.  

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Even more RATS pile on Folwell in the House

  1. All of these back stabbing liberal special interest rats need primaries. They are fake Republicans.

    I notice that one of the ringleaders of the anti-Folwell anti-taxpayer cabal, Greg Murphy, is laying back because he wants to pull the wool over the eyes of conservative voters in the special election for Congress in the 3rd district. Murphy is one of the biggest flunkies for hospital special interests in the legislature and they must have given him a pass to hide in the corner on this one. But, no matter, Murphy has already exposed himself as an open supporter of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, just like leftwing Governor Roy Cooper and the Democrats.

  2. The Third Congressional District Republican Executive Committee unanimously adopted a resolution backing Treasurer Folwell on this issue and opposing the efforts of some to strip him of his powers on this matter. It would seem that some legislators are badly out of step with the Republican grassroots and the taxpayers. Why would they sell themselves to a monopolistic special interest?

    1. For the money, Raphael; they have no backbone, no principals, no intestinal fortitude, but Dale Folwell has all three in spades. I hope each gets exactly what he or she so richly deserves!

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