#ncga: It’s a veritable RAT parade ….


They’re coming out of the woodwork in the North Carolina House to shiv treasurer Dale Folwell.   For the unpardonable, inexcusable sin of trying to increase efficiency and save taxpayer money in regard to the state health plan.

The latest weasel-rat-RINO  hybrids to sign their name to H184, which prevents Folwell from doing anything that might decrease or halt the flow of hospital lobbyist cash to the pockets of these rat-weasels, include:  speaker pro tem Sarah Stevens, Donna White (R-Johnston). and John Fraley ( the patsy Thom Tillis recruited to primary conservative whistleblower Robert Brawley out of the North Carolina House).

Oh, in case you were wondering, HERE is a helpful list of all House members and their contact information.  Just gonna leave it RIGHT HERE.

Quite a rogue’s gallery, indeed.  I’m sure it will continue to grow.  The call of the campaign cash is hard for these rat-weasels to resist.

2 thoughts on “#ncga: It’s a veritable RAT parade ….

  1. Fraley is a liberal in a conservative district, and he votes wrong on a wide range of issues. He should be a top target for a conservative primary challenge. Is Robert Brawley still around? Fraley voting record is what the military would call a target rich environment

  2. Dale Folwell is a superb State Treasurer.
    Let’s hope HB 184 never gets out of Committee.

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