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DOES new Aberdeen school FAIL to follow state and federal environmental guidelines?

  Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield (aka “Sesame Street’s Bert & Ernie”) have unleashed their PolicyWatch  hounds on Moore County Public Schools for their decisions regarding Moore County’s new Aberdeen school:   On the edge of Aberdeen lay a lovely tract of land that was…

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They’re broke, and they aren’t cutting a dime’s worth of spending.

  That’s YOUR Robeson County school board:   Before hearing the first of 30 appeals from employees whose contracts were slated to be terminated, the Board of Education of the Public Schools of Robeson County voted 6-5 in a special meeting Wednesday night at the…

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#ncpol: Drive-by media dumbness.

  I know they’re all bleeding money and having to cut staff.  But sometimes — sometimes — you deserve better than  what they’re doling out.     Our local paper here in Moore County is a special case.  They are owned by the people who…

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Fight The Power! (Just, um, make sure you have a hall pass.)

  The plight of public school teachers has had a lot of sympathy across the political spectrum.  Unfortunately, radical leftists have grabbed the steering wheel and are on the verge of destroying  a lot of that goodwill.     The North Carolina Association of Educators…

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#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens

  Check out HB 319 filed on Thursday.  Sure, its sponsors are a bunch of Democrats. Sure, it’s filed in a Republican-controlled chamber.  But with a smaller majority, and a lot of stinkin’ Tilli$$$ Republicans slithering around,  ANYTHING is possible. The “In-State Tuition Equity Act”…

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$$$-strapped ECU med school drops $10 mil. on FOOTBALL

It seems like just yesterday that the Brody Medical School at East Carolina was bemoaning its tight finances and seeking MORE government funding. Actually, it was a mere TWO years ago. Now, we’re hearing that the med school is going to do its part to…

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The ‘Cultural Revolution’ comes calling in Carolina

The Chi-Coms orchestrated a massive purge in the early-to-mid 20th century to eradicate any all all capitalist, bourgeoisie, and / or “traditionalist” elements from Chinese culture.  American leftists are trying it here with attacks on Confederate monuments and our nation’s Founding Fathers.  In North Carolina,…

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Cultural Appropriation: *”Isn’t that special?”*

We’ve filled you in previously on the very “special” counsel to GOP legislative leaders.  From picking a fight with me, to bashing Donald Trump, to apparently blessing the works of our local social justice warriors, Brent Woodcox continues to amaze and dumbfound.   Some background…

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Char-Meck schools go ‘gangsta’ on N. Meck taxpayers

Not so long ago, we were told how terrible it was to crack down on local governments.  (Something about bathrooms and cross-dressing.) Well, that apparently only applies if sane folks are hassling the liberal counter-culture. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has dropped a bomb on taxpayers in North…

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Effort afoot to return controversial edu-crat to Lee County?

Dr. Jeff Moss has a way of stirring things up wherever he goes.  Until 2013, Moss had a stormy tenure as superintendent of schools in Lee County, North Carolina.  He left that position in  2013 to take the superintendent job in Beaufort County, South Carolina….