Harvard’s (now former) president, DEI, and the lessons needed to be learned

I always thought it was settled — in the 1860s AND 1960s — that discrimination based on ethnicity was and is WRONG WRONG WRONG (and illegal).  We’ve moved from that mindset to one where it’s institutionalized and accepted that white men are “oppressors” who must (1) pay reparations, and (2) atone for and be punished for this alleged “oppression.”

Dr. Kings’s hope for a society where people are evaluated on the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin is all but gone.

Marxists – whose hopes for world domination came crashing down with The Berlin Wall at the dawn of the 90s – have found a path back with something called Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).   *Those three words sound sooooooo nice, don’t they?* 

The Marxists still have the same game plan they employed from 1917 through the dawn of the 1990s.  The big difference?  They’ve replaced the struggle between the proletariat (workers) and bourgeoisie (owners) with one between Oppressors and The Oppressed.  And they have a plan for fighting this concocted struggle: DEI.

Employers, educational entities and government agencies from coast to coast have adopted DEI into their overall plan-of-operation.

We’ve heard about the Triangle’s Red Hat and their crackdown on the hiring of white people and Asians. 

“Diversity” officers — akin to the Marxists’ political officers — have been hired and given staffs.  Programming has been put into place to carry out the brainwashing of students and employees.  You have an immediate strike against you as a white man seeking employment or admittance with any of these DEI-infested institutions. (You are, after all, an “oppressor.”)  

Programs like free tuition for students who come from certain geographic areas — predominantly populated by people-of-color – are instituted.  Never mind the real possibility that there are actual white students working two jobs to pay tuition while attending the same school full time. 

The resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay has been in the news recently.  She couldn’t bring herself to admit before a congressional committee that threatening the genocide of Jews was unacceptable behavior at Harvard. Alumni revolted.  Gay was caught plagiarizing more than 50 times in her published work.   Many a Harvard student has been thrown out of school and ruined after being caught plagiarizing ONCE.   Madame President was caught 50 times.

Leftists went to work trying to excuse Gay’s plagiarism and justify it.  The Associated Press got raked over the coals for suggesting the plagiarism scandal was part of a right-wing plan to target strong black women.

This is where DEI leads us.  Standards get lowered in order to meet quotas on employment and admissions.  Institutions can find themselves in the awkward spot of defending behavior they would not have tolerated a few decades ago.   In the real world – far set off from this DEI-inspired  fantasy world – Claudine Gay would have a hard time getting hired at Mark Robinson’s day care center much less Harvard.

One would think our “Republican Revolution” in Raleigh would have nipped this in the bud.  But, nooooooooo.  Republican appointees to college administrative roles have ushered DEI into our state’s campuses.  

States like Oklahoma and Florida have aggressively gone after DEI.  Meanwhile, our “Republican Revolution” has been focused like a laser-beam on Medicaid expansion, casinos, legal weed, and other big personal paydays.

If you have a college campus — community or otherwise — in your county you likely have a local example of DEI in action.  I know we do here in bright-red Moore County with Sandhills Community College.  The race-baiters managing the DEI effort at Sandhills are already starting to jab at that white guilt and demand more money. 

At UNC, there are “affinity groups” which keep minorities segregated and angry and willing to carry the fight on past graduation.   At NC State, they’ve turned DEI brainwashing into a bizarre contest.

Some politicos may sniff derisively at this — calling it another example of a cultural fight we don’t need.  Actually, it is tearing apart the moral and social fiber of this country. It’s also sand-bagging the next generation’s efforts to stay competitive in the global marketplace with India and China’s up-and-comers.

DEI is destructive,  doing a hell of a lot more harm than good. It’s even being used to indoctrinate at the K-12 level.  It is an issue screaming for some leadership on high.