Public education establishment won’t FIX DEI. Our elected reps must get the job done.

We’ve been hearing some tough talk about DEI and what certain powerful folks would like to see done about it.  UNC-CH trustee Jim Blaine – a close associate of senate president Phil Berger – put the word out that a Florida-style wipeout of DEI could very well come before the end of the year. Lame duck House speaker Timmy Moore wouldn’t go as far as Blaine.  He speculated that it likely won’t happen this year, and suggested that DEI’s future be left up to the state’s education establishment.

Well, that’s a lot like allowing the residents of Raleigh’s Central Prison to guard and self-police their current digs.

The folks in the public ed establishment made the DEI mess, and they like it as-is.  There is no rush, on their part, to “fix” a thing.

Let’s look at a couple of examples how bad DEI has made things here in the ol’ Tar Heel State.  Here’s one from our very own Davidson County:

Now, let’s look at the bylaws for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Residence Hall Association:

Bylaws for UNC Chapel Hill’s Residence Hall Association ban “harmful rhetoric,” described as including “Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, colorism, texturism, classism, fatphobia.”[…]

(*Gee, did they miss one?* )  *”Paging Mr. Orwell.  Mr. George Orwell.”*


[…] A social justice training hosted by the association also advises students against using allegedly offensive terms such as “peanut gallery” and “guru,” screenshots obtained by the Carolina Review show. Instead, students are encouraged to use “outside opinions” and “authority,” respectively.

“During vaudeville’s heyday, the cheapest seats were usually high up in a balcony, a section often reserved for Black patrons. As a result, ‘peanut gallery’ is now among a long list of terms becoming socially unacceptable because of apparently racist origins,” according to a 2020 article in The Conversation.

The Residence Hall Association is one of the public university’s largest student-run groups and is responsible for hosting “diverse social, educational, and philanthropic programs” for all the campus dorms; its membership “includes all 9,500 students living in university recognized residence halls,” its website states.

The Review detailed the Residence Hall Association’s efforts to advance social justice through events and trainings.

“One social justice module obtained by the Carolina Review was titled ‘Inclusive Language Workshop’ and discourages students from using words and phrases such as ‘blacklist,’ ‘whitelist,’ ‘guru,’ ‘minorities,’ ‘peanut gallery,’ ‘pow wow,’ and ‘tribal knowledge.’ The workshop also provides instructions on how to be inclusive to members of the LGBTQ community by not using words such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ and the titles ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’ The training also makes clear that students are to ask for and use the preferred pronouns of individuals who identify as transgender,” it reported.[…]

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s happening at all levels of public education in this state.  Unelected bureaucrats are filling our kids’ heads with marxist rot, and it’s time for legislators – our elected reps  – to use their veto-proof majority to actually represent us and put an end to this.