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Conservatism of Congressional GOP leaders

    Does anyone else find it interesting that the top congressional leaders of the GOP — the conservative party — are nowhere near being the most conservative members of their respective caucuses or chambers? According to National Journal, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va), the House…

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Senator Burr: Having it both ways with BarryO’s stimulus

      U.S. Senator Richard  Burr (R-NC) published a great piece the other day in The Charlotte Observer on the evils of BarryO’s stimulus: Three years ago, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Investment Act, better known as the stimulus bill, into law,…

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Campaign 2012: Confused? Lost?

    Our local paper reported the other day that Congresswoman Renee Ellmers was campaigning in Moore  County.  However, according to her official web site, neither Southern Pines nor Moore  County are part of her district.   (The primary vote for Congress is about two…

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Potomac Fever sweeping Moore County?

    It is looking like we in Moore County could have TWO to THREE of our fellow residents on this year’s Second Congressional District ballot.   Democrat Steve Wilkins has signed on the dotted line for this race, as has Republican Clement Munno of…

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National Journal: Scott, Gowdy are SC’s most conservative in U.S. House, DeMint ranks 10th in Senate

  If you check National Journal’s conservative effectiveness rankings for the U.S. House, you will find The Palmetto State’s most right-leaning legislators tying for 80th place out of 435.  Republicans Trey Gowdy  and Tim Scott each earned scores of 66 on economic issues, 83 on…

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National Journal: Ellmers is NC’s most conservative Member of Congress

  National Journal, the non-partisan national publication dedicated to daily coverage of the U.S. Congress, has released its annual ideological rankings of Members of Congress.  It appears that the Tar Heel State’s newest Member of Congress, Renee Ellmers (R-2nd) has shot to the top of…

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Renee Ellmers: throwing the Tea Party under the bus, mastering the art of DC double-talk

        You need radar to track the movement of  Renee Ellmers’s positions on the issues.  Elected in 2010 as a grassroots Tea Party populist, the 2nd district Republican congresswoman has spent most of her first term at the right hand of House…

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Democrats: Screw the economy! Let’s talk about RUBBERS

    We’ve got record unemployment.  The housing market is still in the tank.  Our national debt is at an all-time high.  Gas prices skyrocketing to $4 and $5 per gallon.  Violence erupting in the Middle East and Latin America.  Major economic meltdowns in Europe….

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One more piece of evidence proving that Congress CANNOT police itself

The Washington Post — surprisingly — has put together  a great investigative piece on yet another piece of congressional monkey business. They’ve found 33 Members of Congress who pushed through budget earmarks for projects adjacent to property owned by said Members.  Earmarks are funds for…

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McIntyre to stick with re-election campaign to Congress

        Congressman Mike McIntyre (D), an 8th Congressional District resident, will be on the ballot for  the 7th Congressional District race in May and November.  (YAWN.)  He issued the following statement to clarify his decision to forego a bid for governor and…