#NCSEN: Far-left national media outlets influencing NC media’s political coverage

shihtzuFor someone who is allegedly so extreme and unelectable, the US Senate campaign of Cary physician Greg Brannon sure is drawing an inordinate amount of attention from the leftists and their fellow travelers in the mainstream media.   Binky over at WRAL based a Brannon hit piece on some half-assed agenda-laden reporting by Mother Jones.  Now, it appears John Drescher’s pet shih-tzu is taking his cues from  the leftist web-based tabloid Buzzfeed. 

‘GOP Senate Candidate Went On Bizarre Rant About U.N. Scam To “Control Life”‘  screamed the headline from Buzzfeed. The article included a snippet of an interview Brannon did with Bill Lumaye at WPTF.  After listening to that snippet of audio, its clear the article was a vicious hit piece that took Brannon out of context:

“They’re are using that to control you, to control me, to control life. That’s why Obamacare, Agenda 21, NDAA. All these things are the collective over the individual,” Dr. Greg Brannon, a Republican candidate for Senate in North Carolina who has led in some polls, said on a local radio program in 2012. He was talking about fears of vaccines. “The spirit of 1776 must rebirthed because we are living the Orwellian 1984,” he went on to say.

brannonThe shih-tzu took that bone and ran with it — suggesting that Brannon went off on a “nutty anti-vaccine rant.”  (It’s pretty clear that the shih-tzu has a hard time turning what he witnesses into an accurate piece of news copy.  ADD?  ADHD, perhaps?  Remember the moving, spiritual speech Brannon gave to a Wake County crisis pregnancy center’s dinner in November?  The shih-tzu witnessed the whole thing and then turned out a story suggesting Brannon thought slavery was kinda cool. )

The shih-tzu IDs Buzzfeed as a Washington Post blog.  It’s not.  And he ought to know better. 

I heard the audio that accompanied the Buzzfeed post.  Brannon briefly talked about problems he, himself, had experienced right about the time he got a flu shot.  Most of the audio focused on typical Brannon rhetoric about statism’s focus on “the collective over the individual.”

Thank goodness we live in a new media age where we don’t have to rely solely on the filtering of the mainstream media.  YouTube and other social media allow us to listen to audio and view video –unfiltered —  for ourselves.

Rush is right.  You can tell who the left fears the most by looking at who they pound on the hardest. 




9 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Far-left national media outlets influencing NC media’s political coverage

  1. The leftie media is going after the candidate who has the best chance of defeating Hagan. Their game in the GOP primaries is to protect Hagan by knocking down the GOP’s best general election candidate, and it is clear who they think that is. On the other hand, they try to run interference for the candidate who will be easiest for Hagan to beat, Tilli$.

    1. Given that Brannon is a physician, they know he is in a perfect position to dismantle Hagan on ObamaCare alone.

  2. And when they “attack” Tillis? “Oh, he’s such a tough Conservative! He opposes Obamacare and would SLASH the entitlements we need!!” …
    And the uninformed Republican base believes it.

    1. Opposing Obamacare? Tilli$ strongly supported and rammed through a bill in the House to set up a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina, which fortunately the conservative Senate shot down. How is pushing a state Obamacare exchange ”opposing” Obamacare?? Big media is no more truthful than Obama himself.

      And entitlements? Tilli$ has waffled on the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare. In the end, Tilli$ is such a rent boy for the $pecial interest$, he would do what ever his string pullers told him to do.

  3. Maybe we will get a comment from the coach Roy, the man pushing Obamascam for the Regime. Hey Roy, tell us about your health insurance!

  4. You really cannot see why the media is focused on Brannon?

    A candidate for the United States Senate stood before a jury and the jury did not believe him. We are not talking about some partisan group condemning the man. We are talking about a jury.

    I am surprised the media has not shown him more attention. Here is a man dedicated to upholding the Constitution and a jury found him liable of misleading investors.

    When a jury of your peers does not believe you then you got a lot of explaining to do. Especially if you are seeking to represent these peers in the United States Senate.

    You can spin it anyway you want but it does not look good. You can sugar coat it. You can drizzle chocolate syrup on it. You can drown it in wet walnuts. You can put masses of whipped cream on top. But in the end it just ain’t good.

    1. Liberal media has a pattern of pushing the Republican easiest to beat in the general election, and you have your head in the sand if you do not recognize that. It is why they pushed hard to get us to nominate lower McCain in 2008 and loser Romney in 2012, and why they will push another loser, whom they do not seem to have settled on yet for our nomination in 2016. It is why they are pushing Tilli$ this time.

      As to that business dispute civil suit, the polls show it has got no legs at all. That hope of progressive Republicans has fizzled out. And that happened even before it was revealed that the jury instructions came from a crooked judge who failed to reveal that he was a biased Hagan contributor and failed to recuse himself for that bias. I suspect that Tilli$ pay for play maneuvers are going to get a whole lot more public attention once the AG and US Attorney go to work on him. Now that Rhodes has put it forward, you can now be sure that will happen.

      1. As I have said previously I will support the Republican nominee. And if Brannon can win the nomination with this civil verdict hanging over him then I think he can defeat Hagan by a 60%-40% margin. If he can overcome the jury decision he is a force to be reckoned with in United States politics.

        1. Most of us conservative voters look at issues when we vote, and all but one of those in the GOP primary field take issue positions that would likely get our votes. A candidate who only has an R beside their name and is proven highly unreliable on issues, like Tilli$, however, would not earn many of those conservative votes. That is particularly true when Tilli$ has engaged and continues to engage in a war on conservatives by trying to oust conservative legislators from the NC House. He can get stuffed. Tilli$ is the one primary candidate, who from his record would be unable to unite the party, and he cannot blame anyone but himself for being in that position.

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