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Moore County: Did John McLaughlin commit a ‘Lorna Clack’?

    Some  years ago,  we had a rather pretentious (and awful)  county school board member named Lorna Clack who lost a bid for reelection.  (We like  to think this site had a small part to play in that event. )   At one particular…

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Moore County GOP cheerleading for BIGGER government in Pinehurst

    A lot of folks have been working very hard to reduce being Republican to little more than having an (R) next to your name on the ballot.   Platform be damned!   We’re seeing it all over the state.  And we’re getting a…

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Pinehurst 2019: I told you so …

This bunch trying to gain entry onto the Pinehurst Village Council have got regulation and limitation of property rights on the brain:   The thorny issue of regulating short-term home rentals in Pinehurst in a way that does not run afoul of state laws could…

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Pinehurst Campaign 2019: Individual, property rights at risk

  Just by perusing the list of candidates on Pinehurst’s November ballot, it’s pretty clear that we stand a good chance of ending up with a majority on the Village Council that is 180 degrees from what it’s been the last four years or so….

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The ABCs of campaign signs

  It’s local election time in many communities across the Carolinas.  The campaign signs are slowly starting to slowly litter the landscape once again.  The debate continues to rage about the usefulness / wisdom of deploying these things.  Putting 20 in a row along the…

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Will complaint against Robeson elections chairman disappear down that same Raleigh ‘black hole’ that ate 2015 ethics complaint against David Lewis?

    Inquiring minds want to know.   It’s easy to say:   “We got Dan Bishop elected, now move on.”   But is it about more than that?  Do we really want to ensure that all 100 counties run elections as cleanly as possible?  Or are…

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#ncpol: About last night …..

  We had two out-of-season congressional races.  Republicans won both, so the drive-bys have had little to say since the votes were tallied.  The chattering class wants to put this all on  Trump.  Yes,  I think he deserves some credit, but there are some other…

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SO. Whatcha’ doin’ on Tuesday?

  If you’re a fan of this site, and haven’t yet voted,  you BETTER MAKE TRACKS TO THE POLLS.  If you have friends who haven’t voted,  drag them  along.     We’v got TWO congressional seats — the Third and Ninth — that have been…

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NC-09: McCready’s minions apparently fear THIS GOP gal

    Just check out the kind of reaction a woman in a  Dan Bishop t-shirt passing out literature, and taking some video and pictures outside the Robeson County Board of Elections provoked among some of the paid Democrat campaign professionals today:     That’s…

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NC-03: The Allen Thomas Show

  We just told you about some of the bizarre activities of the Allen Thomas for Congress campaign.   Some folks are still demanding photos or video to go along  with the narrative.  We here at The Haymaker aim to please.  So, here we go….