NC-09: McCready’s minions apparently fear THIS GOP gal



Just check out the kind of reaction a woman in a  Dan Bishop t-shirt passing out literature, and taking some video and pictures outside the Robeson County Board of Elections provoked among some of the paid Democrat campaign professionals today:



That’s NCGOP  vice-chairman Miriam Chu,  who traveled to Lumberton to hand out Dan Bishop literature to early voters there. Reportedly, she was also interested in seeing if she could collect or observe any evidence of the stories of election malfeasance she has heard emanating from that county.


John Cantey is a Lumberton city councilman who received thousands of dollars from Democrat candidates for “consulting” and other miscellaneous activities during the controversial 2018 election cycle.  


Among the things Chu reportedly observed:


The state Republican vice-chairman said a number of voters took Bishop literature from her, and even told her — after exiting the polling place — that they voted for Bishop.


Chu was greatly outnumbered in Lumberton, so it IS quite interesting that Cantey viewed her as a “threat.”


County elections board chairman Tiffany Powers (D) is slated to appear before the state board of elections on Thursday to respond to allegations of improper electioneering.  (The weather may postpone that hearing.)


Election Day in the Ninth Congressional District is September 10.

15 thoughts on “NC-09: McCready’s minions apparently fear THIS GOP gal

    1. Given the long line of outrages that NCGOP has perpetuated on conservatives the last few years (the Harnett lynching, the LGBTQ love-in at ncgop hq, failure to stand up to Moore and Berger when they fail to advance a conservative agenda, the rigged 2019 state chair election, etc.), it is getting seriously hard to find committed volunteers anymore.

  1. Miriam Chu is a fantastic lady, who has my admiration and full support. This episode is so typical of her courage and commitment. She once gave a key ring with a replica of a human backbone attached. She said, “I’m not giving you this because you need one, but because you have one.” That is a very prized possession, and I keep it on my desk on the floor of the House. Clearly, she has one, too. I am proud to be her friend.

  2. For decades, I have been passionately involved in local politics, going door to door for Republican candidates, served on an Electoral Board, member of Republican Executive Committees etc….but if we cannot raise up NEW BLOOD to get involved, our Conservative principles will be buried by the political hustlers bent on self enrichment and power–all at OUR expense!. Our Republic can only survive with citizen participation!

    God Bless you Miriam Chu for your tremendous example for others to follow! I pray many others will
    see the needs out there and roll up their sleeves and join the fight.

  3. They better fear Miriam – She sure doesn’t fear them. Hardest working person in the Republican Party.

  4. Miriam, if true to form, will do the lion’s share of the work for the Republicans, while they flutter around organizing their next lunch. Miriam, they don’t deserve you!

  5. Believe me, she barely won. It was because of Daily Haymaker that I knew about her and voted for her. There are so many uninformed Republicans who vote for these people that shape the NCGOP and do not vote for those who really help elect the best people. Thank you Miriam Chu!

  6. Miriam Chu campaigned on working for the Republicans in NC. She drives to Raliegh two or more times a week. She is not paid! Miriam’s is a get the job done long time grassroots worker. Follow her example and travel to CD 3 and CD 9 and knock on doors, get a list of people to call! People in Robson Co. NEED to get observers in the polls. Has anyone thought to ask a Democrat that supports Dan Bishop to go and ask to see “Wikie” and see who and why people are asking to see “ Wikie”? Find out why people are going in the back door to vote! The NCBOE needs to be present at questionable polls, this sure look and smells like just that! Miriam keep setting an example of how to really work to help a good Republican Elected!

  7. The Robeson Republican Party deserves our respect and support for the long battle they’ve been fighting against Democrat corruption in their county. With Dr. Stephens leadership, Democrat registration has declined from 90% to 60% and Donald Trump won Robeson County by 51.4% in the 2016 election – the first time a Republican has carried the county.

  8. Republicans across the state should be volunteering to help out Robeson GOP! The real ones #UnderAttack!

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