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O’Keefe, Veritas tightening noose around Woodhouse, Hillary?

If you follow James O’Keefe on Twitter, you might get the feeling that a really big shoe is about to drop sometime around NOON TODAY; O’Keefe is calling out presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democrat operative Brad Woodhouse (brother of NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse)….

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Genital-hunt 2016: Colon Campbell meets Slick Willie

They’re both perpetually in the hunt for genitalia — albeit for differing reasons.  You just knew that N&O ace crotch-sniffer Colon Campbell and our 42nd president crossing paths in Wilson was going to be EPIC.  Slick Willie slithered out of his lair to campaign with…

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Josh Stein = Roy Cooper + John Edwards

In 1998, Josh Stein led the effort to give our state, and the nation, SENATOR John Edwards.  He was “The Breck Girl’s” campaign manager that year when she he upset Senator Lauch Faircloth. From 2001-2009, Stein served as an assistant to Attorney General Roy Cooper.  If you…

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Roy Cooper ignored crime lab problems for FOUR YEARS ????

Roy Cooper wants us to believe he gets ‘er done — like Larry The Cable Guy.  He wants us to think he’s a problem solver who “fixed” the crime lab and the Department of Justice, and is ready to work his magic on the entire…

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Tales from the early voting lines

The way things are going so far, you can probably walk right in and vote in a matter of minutes on Election Day.  Record lines are the story at most every early voting location in The Tar Heel State.  The drive by media are trying…

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Campaign $$$$ shenanigans: A Woodhouse family affair?

The revelations from James O’Keefe’s videos about Brad Woodhouse and his group inspired one of my associates to make a comparison to the Carolina Rising affair of 2014 and 2015.   You may remember that Dallas Woodhouse headed up something called Carolina Rising during the campaign…

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O’Keefe video: Woodhouse group may have violated Watergate-inspired election laws

“The ‘Ducks on the Ground’ are likely ‘public communications’ for purposes of the law. It’s political activity opposing Trump, paid for by Americans United for Change funds but controlled by Clinton / her campaign.”  — federal campaign law experts cited in latest James O’Keefe video  …

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Woodhouse World: Is Dallas his brother’s keeper?

“Brad and Bob and I are part of the old school method.  It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say, we’re going to win this motherf***er.” — Scott Foval, national field director for Americans United For Change The “Brad” in that quote is…

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Heritage Action: Burr most liberal NCGOPer in DC; Holding, Meadows MOST conservative

Heritage Action’s scorecard is looking a lot like what Conservative Review found.  Heritage finds that congressmen  George Holding and Mark Meadows (tied at 90%) are leading the pack in North Carolina as conservatism goes.  Mark Walker (87%) and Walter Jones (85%) are close behind. Richard…

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#ncga: Allen McNeill and a report card full of Cs, Ds, and Fs

State Rep. Allen McNeill (R), who represents Randolph County and parts of Moore County, has an opponent on the November ballot.  He’s gladly running under the GOP banner, but has had little to nothing to do with actual conservatism during his time in Raleigh. The…