Campaign $$$$ shenanigans: A Woodhouse family affair?

90The revelations from James O’Keefe’s videos about Brad Woodhouse and his group inspired one of my associates to make a comparison to the Carolina Rising affair of 2014 and 2015.  

You may remember that Dallas Woodhouse headed up something called Carolina Rising during the campaign of 2014 — prior to his ascension to the top staff position at NCGOP HQ.  Carolina Rising was touted as a PAC aimed at promoting Republican fortunes in the state.  download (3)

The PAC earned itself some unwanted attention on Election Eve 2014 thanks to a TV interview involving Dallas.  Dallas boasts on camera that he and Carolina Rising spent $4.7 million to “make this happen” — get Thom Tillis elected to the US Senate. 

shenanThe problem?  Like with brother Brad’s Americans United for Change, Carolina Rising was a third-party non-profit that, according to federal law, was not supposed to be coordinating with political campaigns.   We later learned that Carolina Rising was little more than a vehicle to launder money between Karl Rove and the Tillis for Senate campaign.  Roughly ninety-seven percent of its money was spent with Rove’s company on TV ads to promote the candidacy of Thom Tillis.