Campaign $$$$ shenanigans: A Woodhouse family affair?

90The revelations from James O’Keefe’s videos about Brad Woodhouse and his group inspired one of my associates to make a comparison to the Carolina Rising affair of 2014 and 2015.  

You may remember that Dallas Woodhouse headed up something called Carolina Rising during the campaign of 2014 — prior to his ascension to the top staff position at NCGOP HQ.  Carolina Rising was touted as a PAC aimed at promoting Republican fortunes in the state.  download (3)

The PAC earned itself some unwanted attention on Election Eve 2014 thanks to a TV interview involving Dallas.  Dallas boasts on camera that he and Carolina Rising spent $4.7 million to “make this happen” — get Thom Tillis elected to the US Senate. 

shenanThe problem?  Like with brother Brad’s Americans United for Change, Carolina Rising was a third-party non-profit that, according to federal law, was not supposed to be coordinating with political campaigns.   We later learned that Carolina Rising was little more than a vehicle to launder money between Karl Rove and the Tillis for Senate campaign.  Roughly ninety-seven percent of its money was spent with Rove’s company on TV ads to promote the candidacy of Thom Tillis.


4 thoughts on “Campaign $$$$ shenanigans: A Woodhouse family affair?

  1. Just for the record, I don’t have any part or knowledge Correct the Record or Americans United

    I was not aware of the Duck thing they were doing
    But it was used Vs. Elizabeth Dole in 2002.

    It pops up every so often

  2. Just for the record, Hasan Harnett is still the duly elected Chairman of the NCGOP because less than 2/3 of the NCGOP Executive committee voted to remove him.

      1. With a senile figurehead usurper occupying the chairman’s office, that is exactly what we have. Woodhouse is the defacto chairman of the party. Disgusting.

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