#ncga: Allen McNeill and a report card full of Cs, Ds, and Fs

am1State Rep. Allen McNeill (R), who represents Randolph County and parts of Moore County, has an opponent on the November ballot.  He’s gladly running under the GOP banner, but has had little to nothing to do with actual conservatism during his time in Raleigh.

The American Conservative Union graded him with a score of 88% out of a possible 100 in 2014.  He fell to 83% (which is a C) in 2015.

The National Rifle Association gave him a grade of C+ on 2nd Amendment issues, and declined to endorse him (a rarity for that group which seems to LOVE Republican incumbents).   Lee Zachary, District 73, was the only Republican to rank (C) lower than McNeill. McNeill actually TIED with Democrats Marvin Lucas, District 43 and Howard Hunter, District 5.

(Grassroots North Carolina, North Carolina’s more conservative gun rights advocate, completely ignores McNeill in its 2016 election recommendations.)

For 2016, Civitas Action gave McNeill a grade of 57.1% (an F) out of a possible 100.  That, according to Civitas ranked McNeill as the 65th most conservative member of the House out of a total of 120.  To put this in perspective, there are only 73 Republicans in the state House.  And McNeill is the 65th most conservative member of the House.

In 2015, McNeill had a grade of 70.1% from Civitas, which put him at 29th out of 120 House members.  Talk about dropping like a rock.

In 2014, McNeill had a grade of 63.4% from Civitas.  He was ranked 32nd out of 120 House members.

*That (R) next to someone’s name sure doesn’t guarantee conservative votes.*