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Moore County commissioners lash out at county’s state legislators

  It’s been rare to see something like this in collegial, get-along  Republican Moore County.  But here it is, in a prepared statement from Moore County government: Senator Tom McInnis and Representatives Jamie Boles and Allen McNeill did not inform the Moore County Board of…

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#ncga: Time for Moore county legislators to produce, or GO HOME

Moore County and Randolph County are two of the most reliably Republican counties in the state.  Political pros rank them somewhere in the R+20 or +30 range, which is a fancy way of saying a Democrat has no chance in hell there.  With that kind…

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#ncga: Allen McNeill and a report card full of Cs, Ds, and Fs

State Rep. Allen McNeill (R), who represents Randolph County and parts of Moore County, has an opponent on the November ballot.  He’s gladly running under the GOP banner, but has had little to nothing to do with actual conservatism during his time in Raleigh. The…

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#ncga: A most welcome piece of bipartisanship

I usually shudder when I hear chirping about bipartisanship.  It typically means Republicans caving in to the Democrat agenda.  But I’m here to tell you about an example that took a turn for the better. Most rational people understand the logic behind not taxing churches….