Things to think about before going to the polls

voteHere we go:

  1. HB2. Gov. McCrory explained this beautifully in the second debate.  Too bad the drive bys didn’t give a crap about relaying that information to their dwindling audiences.   HB2 deals ONLY with public facilities.  Like schools, for instance.  The state does not care what you do in your private business or residence.  The bill was in response to an effort by Charlotte to make it illegal for ANYONE within that jurisdiction to segregate any part of their facilities by gender.  In other words:  NO men’s and ladies’ rooms, nor men’s and ladies’ locker rooms.  The legislation requires anyone wishing to make changes like that to run them FIRST through the state legislature — just like the smoney boardtate constitution says.  In other words:  The bill changes NOTHING.  It keeps things AS THEY ARE, but blocks leftists from their radical social engineering antics. 
  2. EDUCATION SPENDING.  The record shows that Republicans in the General Assembly have increased spending on public education every year since they took over in 2010.  Mad about the levels of teacher pay, or spending on local facilities or teacher assistants, or on textbooks?  GO SEE YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD OR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Those folks make personnel decisions — like hiring or salary levels.  In Moore County, we keep adding bureaucrats at the schools’ central office making beaucoup more than classroom teachers.  I haven’t heard any good arguments about WHY we’re doing that.  But Phil Berger and Tim Moore and Pat McCrory are not steering these moves.  They’re being orchestrated locally.  
  3. COMPETENCE.  The usual suspects are out there telling us that Roy Cooper and Hillary Clinton are the most competent, most qualified candidates seeking their respective offices.   Roy Cooper, despite the flood of evidence suggesting his crime lab is a mess, has no answers.  He can’t handle his corner — his piece — of state government.  And we’re supposed to hand the WHOLE THING over to him?weekend-at-hillarys-copy
    Hillary Clinton is a similar story.  She got fired from her post on The Watergate investigative committee.  She got her job with Little Rock’s prestigious Rose Law Firm while her husband was the state’s attorney general and governor.  She got into The White House when her husband won in 1992 and 1996.  Her meddling in government policy in 1993 and 1994 led to her husband’s party losing its congressional majorities.  She got elected to the US Senate because her husband was president and she ran in a strong Democrat state.  She accomplished little to nothing in the US Senate, but then ran for the presidency — based mostly on her role as the wife of a former president. She lost, but got named secretary of state — mainly due to the old maxim about ‘keeping your enemies closer.’  All kinds of conflicts blew up around the world while she was secretary of state — reversing a lot of the good work accomplished during the Bush years.  And then she left our people to die at the hands of Islamic radicals in Benghazi.  And here she is running for president AGAIN.022912Roy_Cooper1Meanwhile, we’re told that Donald Trump — who turned an initial $1 million seed loan into BILLIONS OF DOLLARS — is not competent to be president.  He’s created all kinds of jobs and boosted all kinds of local economies.  *But he’s not qualified to be president.*  (I can’t find any record of his decisions leading to civil wars or deaths of Americans.)
  4. FEAR?   I have actually come across some people, who I thought were rational and informed and competent, who have fretted publicly about their fears of a Trump presidency.  They’re afraid, they tell me, that he’s going to start a nuclear war.  Really?  Hillary and Obama have aggravated the situation in Syria into a full-blown disaster.  Same for Iraq.160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169And then there is the gangster modus operandi of Team Clinton.  We’ve all seen and heard of the tapes about ‘bird-dogging’  — activists trained and paid by the Clinton campaign to incite violence at Trump rallies.  Let’s not forget the Clinton Foundation and the clear record of shaking down various world leaders and business types for favors at Hillary’s State Department in exchange for BIG cash donations to the Foundation.  Sound like the plot of a season of ‘The Sopranos’?

    In reality, it’s the potential plot of the first four years of the Hillary Clinton administration.   Donald Trump is blunt-spoken.  As far as I know, he’s not paying people to be beaten up, and is not shaking Hillary-Clinton-hereicomepeople down for money in exchange for government favors.  LBJ was also blunt-spoken, and is known to have regularly exposed himself to Oval Office visitors. (Liberals still love him.)  George S. Patton, one of our greatest military leaders, had a foul mouth.  But his troops loved him, and he won a lot of battles on behalf of his country.

    I’ll take a foul mouth over a criminal mentality ANY DAY.