Heritage Action: Burr most liberal NCGOPer in DC; Holding, Meadows MOST conservative

capitolHeritage Action’s scorecard is looking a lot like what Conservative Review found.  Heritage finds that congressmen  George Holding and Mark Meadows (tied at 90%) are leading the pack in North Carolina as conservatism goes.  Mark Walker (87%) and Walter Jones (85%) are close behind.

Richard Hudson follows with a score of 83%.  He’s followed by David Rouzer (76%), Robert Pittenger (71%), and Virginia Foxx (68%).  Renee Ellmers (63%) and Patrick McHenry (61%) bring up the rear for North Carolina’s House Republicans.

Senator Thom Tillis follows McHenry with a score of 48 percent.  Richard Burr, who is up for reelection this year, comes in at 41%.

A score of 100% makes you the most conservative, while a score of ZERO ranks you as the most liberal.  North Carolina’s three Democrats in the House rank between 10 and 12 percent. 

Conservative Review and Heritage Action tend to have the most reliable vote rating services out there.  They consider actual conservative legislation more so than votes with party leadership.  burr

Colorado’s Rep. Ken Buck and Utah’s Senator Mike Lee were the only two pols on Capitol Hill to earn perfect scores of 100 from Heritage Action.

Holding, overall, is the 25th most conservative in the 435 member House.  Meadows is 26th.    South Carolina’s Mick Mulvaney is 10th overall in the House.

In the Senate, South Carolina’s Tim Scott (80%) is the eighth most conservative member of that body.   North Carolina’s Thom Tillis ranks 39th overall in that 100-member body. Richard Burr’s 41% grade ranks him 42nd overall in that chamber.   South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham and his grade of 31% are ranked 49th.   To put this in perspective, there are 54 Republicans in the US Senate.  Also, the most conservative Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, are tied with a grade of 21 percent each. 

2 thoughts on “Heritage Action: Burr most liberal NCGOPer in DC; Holding, Meadows MOST conservative

  1. BurRino is a help mate to the Dems. Remember when he said defunding Obamacare was a dumb idea? Now I see him tweeting his heart out against it and how it’s failing. Who looks dumb now?

  2. I also remember when Tricky Dick Burr said he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Ted Cruz. Burr already votes in the Senate more often with Harry Reid than he does with Ted Cruz, so I guess it figures.

    And I remember when the money for those disgusting dishonest racebaiting ads against the conservative frontrunner in the Mississippi US Senate primary was traced back to seven sitting US Senators including Tricky Dick Burr. Burr has never even apologized for that. Burr and his group were stampeding black Democrats to improperly vote in a GOP primary runoff against the conservative. Here are the gory details of what they paid for as related by a major British newspaper:


    We conservatives have no one to vote for in the US Senate election this year.

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