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When Thom Talks, WE listen …

  The Charlotte area is riding high in our fair state capital these days.  The governor is a former mayor of The Queen City.  The lieutenant governor is the son of the city’s longtime mayor and congresswoman.  The speaker of the state House is from…

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NCGA Boobs looking at Busting Broads for Baring Breasts

  There’s just something about Asheville and boobs.  The other day, we get the big boob himself from DC in town.  Now, we’ve got the NC General Assembly focusing like a laser beam on legislation aimed at banning the display of the female breast.  Really….

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Better Late Than Never to The ObamaCare Fight

Gov. Pat apparently has seen the light (or, more likely, the statewide polling or the whip counts in the state House)  and come  over from the dark side.  Until today, our chief executive had been surprisingly mute — and sometimes speaking rather halting or apprehensive…

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Anti-GOP march or Krispy Kreme PR stunt? You make the call.

  Well, The McClatchy Gang hit us with THIS headline about an event that took place in Raleigh on Saturday: Thousands march in Raleigh against GOP policies in NC legislature We also got this gem from McClatchy about a Saturday event in Raleigh: Thousands descend…

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Ugly Power Grabs vs. PRETTY ONES

    Our local paper — the first and only lesbian-owned and -operated thrice weekly Nobel Prize-nominated community paper in The Carolinas — is beside itself about those dastardly Republicans in Raleigh. Specifically, the newsroom’s ire is aimed at legislation —  currently moving on Jones…

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The N&O’s John Frank: ObamaCare’s Gunga Din

Gunga Din was immortalized by Rudyard Kipling in literature — and later in movies.  He was a poor, hapless, shuffling, kowtowing, water-carrying man-servant to some British soldiers in India.   The character has become synonymous with people and institutions that dutifully ask how high when someone…

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SURPRISE !!!!! Tax increases hurt the economy and damage personal finances.

  We’ve said our peace in opposition to the NC General Assembly’s campaign to increase unemployment taxes for employers across the state.  We’ve received SOME criticism over that position — even from alleged conservatives — sniffing that the increase is a mere “pittance” that will…

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Gov. Pat seeking to “slow down” / derail NCGA’s anti-ObamaCare efforts

          Gov. Pat and his troops are headed to battle stations over  the bill passed by the state Senate which blocks ObamaCare-related Medicaid expansion: Gov. Pat McCrory says he is worried that a bill the Senate approved Tuesday afternoon could hurt…

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N&O learns elections have consequences

This headline screams at us from today’s web site: Bill would give McCrory, legislature control of some state boards Wow.  If you’re just reading the headline, you might be thinking there is some sort of nefarious power grab going on. But if you actually read…

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NC Senate to Gov. Pat: We have final word on ObamaCare. (And that word is NO.)

      The North Carolina Senate voted Monday to block expansion of Medicaid — a key component to the implementation of ObamaCare in NC. The move put the Republican majority in the General Assembly’s upper chamber at odds with the state’s new Republican governor….