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Lady Parts 2016: Playing the left’s identity politics game

Apparently, the GOPe has anointed our very own Renee Ellmers with the responsibility of getting more girls elected.  Not necessarily conservatives, mind you.  Just folks with lady parts:  The effort to recruit more women to run for office on a Republican ticket is finding that…

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Conservative Review: Grades of F for Tillis AND Burr (Eight of 13 House members FAIL)

There’s another player out there rating the conservatism of DC politicians — Conservative Review.  The folks at that site give both North Carolina senators failing grades, and pass only FIVE of North Carolina’s 13 House members. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-11) earns a grade of 96…

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Thom & Renee: the hit of The Ripon Society’s party

For those of you who may not be familiar with this Ripon crowd, they were founded to counter the rise of the Goldwater / Reagan people in the GOP and to return the party to the grand old days of Nelson Rockefeller and Teddy Roosevelt….

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#NC-02: Big Govt. Barbie uses Chamber talking points to praise Ex-Im Bank “favor factory”

It’s always fun to listen to Renee Ellmers talk about stuff you KNOW she doesn’t understand.  We had the TPP and TPA earlier. Now, she’s getting into the heady stuff surrounding the US Export-Import Bank.  Renee co-hosted a forum in Cary last month:  In her…

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#nc-02 [Renee & LuMaye. (Look Away!)]

It’s always fun when Big Govt. Barbie plops herself down in front of a microphone.  She sat down with Bill LuMaye in Raleigh, this week, and — once again — she did not disappoint.  The subject this week was the vote on the super-secret TPA…

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NC-02: Nobody knows what it says, but Renee says TPP / TPA is A-OK.

Congress is busy ramming through the fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  The document is classified — locked up under guard in The Capitol. It reportedly gives Barry Obama a bunch of new powers in the twilight of his lame duck term. Republican leaders have admitted…

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NC-02: That giant SUCKING sound

The second congressional district has a representative in DC whose attitude — and job performance — suck.  Our district also has a plethora of lefty driveby outlets standing ready to SUCK UP to Madame Ellmers — thanks to her penchant for bucking her party’s platform…

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NC-02: Jim Duncan steals the show at district’s GOP convention

Over 200 Republican leaders in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District gathered in Sanford today for their party’s district convention.  As expected,  there were candidates for the 2016 election cycle pressing the flesh and pitching for support.  All three announced candidates for the 2016 GOP primary…

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NC-02: A three-way for the GOP?

Just when you thought  you couldn’t get enough of Frank Roche — he throws his hat back in the ring for the 2nd congressional district race.  The second place finisher in the 2014 GOP primary for this congressional seat will join Chatham County GOP chairman…

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NC-02: Renee don’t need no stinkin’ police report

Renee Ellmers thinks rape is bad and a crime. (Like I and all other rational people do.) Yet, she doesn’t think this crime needs to be reported to police in order to be defined as rape. You have to file a police report to replace…