NC-02: That giant SUCKING sound

puckerThe second congressional district has a representative in DC whose attitude — and job performance — suck.  Our district also has a plethora of lefty driveby outlets standing ready to SUCK UP to Madame Ellmers — thanks to her penchant for bucking her party’s platform and thumbing her nose at the Tea Party folks who helped her get to DC in the first place.

The shameful Sanford Herald is the latest suck-up perpetrator.  They published an unsigned “interview” with Ellmers that appeared to originate from Madame’s press operation. Check out some of the hard-hitting questions posed by the denizens of The Herald’s newsroom: 

As the representative of Fort Bragg, I know you’ve been a tireless advocate for the 440th Airlift Wing and the men and women stationed on post. Tell us a little about your efforts to save the 440th Airlift Wing and why it’s so important this wing stay intact. […]

You are a co-chairman and founder of the Grid Innovation Caucus in Congress. Can you tell us a little about your role in this and how you are using this title to influence policy affecting us at home? […] 

You played a leading role in crafting a Medicare reform package that recently was signed into law by the president. Can you talk about your efforts in this process and what this means for senior citizens back home in North Carolina? […] 

You voted to support the recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which contained your amendment to protect the 440th Airlift Wing. What does this budget mean in terms of national security for the hardworking men and women stationed at Fort Bragg? […]

What legislation have you been working on recently? […]

Wow.  *That’s so *hard-hitting* that I’d be scared to put my name on it too. *

Not a word there about this Grid Innovation Caucus being little more than a front for environmental wackos to sneak some more green mandates and subsidies into the federal spending tsunami.  Not a word there about Madame thoroughly dropping the ball on the 440th until Clay Aiken beat her over the head about it in the 2014 general election.Renee Ellmers

Not one word there either about that Medicare reform package she’s so proud of piling even more debt on the country’s future generations.  I also didn’t see any mention of Madame’s efforts to block a ban on late-term abortions.

I wonder if her two announced primary opponents will get this kind of softball treatment when they pass through Sanford.  (I won’t hold my breath.)  This kind of stuff is actually sad.  It helps illustrate the rapidly-accelerating decline and fall of a cherished national institution — the traditional media.  It also explains why ad revenues and circulation numbers for driveby outlets are in the toilet, and why more people are turning to the Internet for their information.

8 thoughts on “NC-02: That giant SUCKING sound

  1. Rene Ellmers: she won in NC by getting the librats to vote in the primary and after that, all she had to do is beat the hollywood and militant gay financed Clay Aikin(D). She would have lost in the primary’s had it not been for underhanded trick of making sure her REAL CONSTITUENTS (libmarxist & RINO’s), changed the intended process of fair representation. The demonrats have NO moral compass other than the end justifies the means. That pain conservatives feel in their back?… it’s Rene’s knife.

    Ellmers is despised by the majority of conservatives in NC….Justifiably so

  2. That giant sucking sound is Renee sucking up to Boehner and Obama et al. She is a classic example of the #ObamaRepublicans. In fact, she is the cheerleader to Boehner and McConnell, McCain, Graham and the other fake Republicans. She’s not smart enough to have her own agenda or ideas, so she relies on them for her marching orders. Remember, she tried to block the late term abortion bill ban? Remember she never tried to block Obamacare funding and went around the state lying that it couldn’t be defunded legislatively? Remember how she has done nothing to stop Obama’s lawless amnesty? The only thing this woman is capable of doing is mouthing lefty talking points and lying. She needs replacement and fast! I suggest Jim Duncan as the true conservative who can fill the bill to truly represent NC2 and be a voice of the people.

    1. I’ll second that. Renee Ellmers is an embarrassment to the Republican Party, little more than Etheridge in drag. Jim Duncan, on the other hand, will be a credit to the party and its voters.

      1. Ginny & GU- I have met both Renee and Jim. She cannot be trusted anymore. After meeting Jim a little over a year ago he has my vote! He’s a real and genuine man who reminds me of Reagan. I encourage the rest of the people who visit this site to support him and volunteer to help him. He’s the only real conservative in the race that can win against her.

  3. Where was the Sanford Herald when Ms. Ellmers called a local group of concerned citizens “ignorant” and “racist” when they disagreed with her “pathway to citizenship” immigration policy? or, when she told the largest TEA Party in the State that they never did anything for her (except to get her elected in the first place!)? or, when she voted to repeal “Obamacare” but didn’t have the courage to vote to defund it? However, she was courageous enough to vote for cutting housing allowances of our military and to cut troop funding. Ms. Ellmers has joined the DC establishment and is trying to bring the wants and demands of DC to our State. ENOUGH!! I Trust Jim Duncan to turn that around and to make the voices of the people of District 2 heard in DC.

  4. Sounds like she wrote the article for the paper. Tireless advocate for the military???? She’s voted to cut the Air Force every year she’s been in office. What happened to her promises about Obamacare and immigration?? Whew!

  5. It’s time for a District 2 CHANGE! Jim Duncan is the right person for Congress, and the right person for North Carolina. He’s a strong supporter of the military. He will represent us faithfully and well. He’s going to DC for the good of America. Let’s all get behind him. ENOUGH of Ellmers’ continuous self-serving so-called service. – SIGN ON TODAY!

  6. At least they are equal opportunity soft-ballers. When Aiken came through, half the staff took selfies with him. Embarrassing.

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