#ncga: Feel like somebody’s watching you?

watchI talked this week with one of my moles on Jones Street.  This person was absolutely floored by the amount of public feedback in this whole debate on alternative energy mandates and subsidies:

“My assistant is getting bombarded with calls.  Several of my colleagues are telling me the same thing.  The overwhelming sentiment we’re hearing is that these mandates needed to have been gone yesterday.  People are adamantly opposed.  The callers start off chewing out my assistant, who then has to calmly inform them that I am not a fan of the mandates.”

So, where is this thing headed?  The solar crowd appears to have bought a majority in the House, but the Senate does not seem to be taking the bait.    MORE: 

”This doesn’t strike me as something organized by AFP or one of the other PACs.  It genuinely seems like average folks out there who obtained a roster of members, and are simply going down the list calling each office.  Right now, supporting these mandates seems like a good way to feel some extra heat back home, and possibly end up in the unemployment line in 2016.legis

I tell you – Nelson Dollar, David Lewis, and Jason Saine are really causing some headaches for the rest of us.  Those guys are busy catering to their lobbyist buddies, and the rest of us have to deal with the heat produced by an issue not many of us are all that thrilled with.”

The drivebys have historically left Jones Street alone to make mischief as they saw fit — in the shadows.  But now, with the rise of The Tea Party and the conservative blogosphere, there is a lot more interest in the goings-on at the Jones Street Puzzle Palace.  There are a lot more ways for info to get out.  That’s a good thing for average North Carolinians who work hard, play by the rules, and pay all the taxes.  It’s a big problem for the political ruling class that has been getting filthy rich inside the beltline at our expense.