#ncga: Feel like somebody’s watching you?

watchI talked this week with one of my moles on Jones Street.  This person was absolutely floored by the amount of public feedback in this whole debate on alternative energy mandates and subsidies:

“My assistant is getting bombarded with calls.  Several of my colleagues are telling me the same thing.  The overwhelming sentiment we’re hearing is that these mandates needed to have been gone yesterday.  People are adamantly opposed.  The callers start off chewing out my assistant, who then has to calmly inform them that I am not a fan of the mandates.”

So, where is this thing headed?  The solar crowd appears to have bought a majority in the House, but the Senate does not seem to be taking the bait.    MORE: 

”This doesn’t strike me as something organized by AFP or one of the other PACs.  It genuinely seems like average folks out there who obtained a roster of members, and are simply going down the list calling each office.  Right now, supporting these mandates seems like a good way to feel some extra heat back home, and possibly end up in the unemployment line in 2016.legis

I tell you – Nelson Dollar, David Lewis, and Jason Saine are really causing some headaches for the rest of us.  Those guys are busy catering to their lobbyist buddies, and the rest of us have to deal with the heat produced by an issue not many of us are all that thrilled with.”

The drivebys have historically left Jones Street alone to make mischief as they saw fit — in the shadows.  But now, with the rise of The Tea Party and the conservative blogosphere, there is a lot more interest in the goings-on at the Jones Street Puzzle Palace.  There are a lot more ways for info to get out.  That’s a good thing for average North Carolinians who work hard, play by the rules, and pay all the taxes.  It’s a big problem for the political ruling class that has been getting filthy rich inside the beltline at our expense. 

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  1. My favorite quote from the movie The Shooter

    “There are no such thing as Republicans or Democrats, its the have and have-nots.”

    So True

  2. What is really bad is that we have legislators who claim to be Republican but are actively pushing the agenda of Barack Obama, George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Al Gore. This whole renewable energy charade is part of Barack Obama’s climate crusade and his War on Affordable Energy, and these ”Republican” legislators are functioning as foot soldiers in Obama’s army. That is just unacceptable.

    Tom Steyer and George Soros’ money came to NC by grant to set up this whole operation that liberal consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker are runniing. Crony capitalist special interests kicked in some more to keep the government gravy train rolling in putting the dough in their pocket from corporate welfare. Civitas has done a great job ferreting out the far left money behind Stewart and Shumaker. Now they have a new report on which legislators have been bought by the special interest PAC:


    Republican voters should not allow this to stand. It is shameful having people elected as Republicans but doing the work of Obama and the far left. Republican activists need to hammer these legislators who are in the pocket of Obama, Soros, Steyer, and Gore as what they are – Obama Republicans. More specifically, since Solyndra is the symbol of Obama’s green energy fiasco, we should call this pack of quisllings ”Solyndra Republicans”.

    Civitas has identified for us who they are, and they start on high with TIm Moore. Every Solyndra Republican who is on the payroll of the left or the special interests needs to have a primary. And someone with money, like AFP, needs to drive home how they are betraying Republicans, taxpayers, and electric ratepayers. These clowns follow the ideology of Barack Obama and thumb their noses at the official position of the NC Republican Party. They have made their bed. Let them lie in it. They need to be exposed for what they are.

  3. Really wish you would stop reporting all this stuff out. The people back home are starting to ask a lot of questions and it’s getting harder to make my extra folding money on the side with “the business”. Just the other day, I saw someone talking into the cuff link of their shirt. Made me a little nervous. My legislative and political $ugar daddies don’t like attention brought to these issues and just regular people being in the know. You people don’t have any damn right to be hurting my cut of the “the business”. I work hard to make your money my money.

  4. Preach it! We in the hard core environmental movement paid out good money to buy progressive consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker as our rent boys to push President Obama’s green energy policies in the NC legislature. We expect to get some return on our investment. Our friends in the green energy biz also put up money to buy legislators, especially in the House. They also expect some return on their money. Once you buy a politician, he is supposed to stay bought.

    What is it with these grassroots guys always talking about principle? The consultants and lobbyists only principle is to keep their eye on the dollar bills, and that is what we progressives like.

    The internet is also getting to be annoying. I am almost sorry I invented it when I see the way those conservatives are using it to get their information out to voters.

    1. Al’s got it right and just so you know. Here’s a little lesson for all you PRINCIPLED people, we don’t operate on PRINCIPLE, that’s for chumps, but PRINCIPAL in exchange for getting more for ourselves. We work for the PRINCIPAL (1) not you.

      PrincipAL – Noun

      1. The entity on who$e behalf an individual act$.
      2. The original inve$tment.

      Always looking to get a bigger cut of the PRINCIPAL (2.) Gotta get you $ome PRINCIPAL.

      1. You are just the kind of guy we progressives like to buy, those who care about principal, instead of principle, and many grassroots Republicans would be shocked if they knew how many like you they elect without knowing it.

        Using operatives like Stewart and Shumaker, we can often get our way even with Republicans nominally in control. Two problems sometimes come up. One is those politicians who do really believe in principle, but fortunately there are not too many of them. The other is the peons finding out what we are doing to them and raising a stink with the other elected officials. Sometimes, if things get out of hand, self preservation means the elected officials have to go with what the peons want.

        Like our plan to raise electric rates by pushing renewable energy. The peons don’t care that it saves Polar Bears. When they find out we are trying to raise electric rates, they get out of hand and start calling their elected officials. We need to try to put a stop to that.

        1. Not too concerned yet, but we need the Daily Haymaker and other troublemakers like them to go away. We can fool the public and all the while hide behind the Republican label and like moth’s to a flame those stupid Republicans line up and vote for us everytime. All the while we’re screwing them and they cheer us on for screwing them! Talk about job security. Here’s our big lie big advantage: We still have the party failthful believing we’re the party that represents Traaa-diiii-tionnnn-naaaal Vallll-uuuuuues.

          This was a little risky but we went for it. We even co-opted a Baptist preacher to get what we wanted in a race a while back. We thought it might play well amongst the bible thumpers to throw the Baptist preacher into the mix just to keep up the fascade that Republicans are for traditional families and religious freedoms. They’re gullible, they’ll vote for us even if we’re caught screwing around and doing all the same things the Democrats are doing. They’ll believe anything we tell them even cheer us on as we screw them. It’s great!

          Put that on your blog Haymaker you troublemaker.

  5. Hey elected official you better remember who you work for, us. You sound confident that what you’re doing is okay. Did you know the rumor going around is that there was somebody meeting with representatives wearing a wire, were you aware? Better check your scheduler and see who’ve you’ve met with privately last month. Maybe one of your PRINCIPALS as you say is setting you up. Let that sink in sleep well tonight.

  6. It is not just legislators we should we worried about. It is also some of our party officials.

    David Lewis, who has been identified as one of the ringleaders of this cabal which is pushing the Obama agenda on one of Obama’s signature issues in our own legislature, also sits as Republican National Committeeman from NC. That is disgusting, and he needs to be taken out from that position, which comes up again at the 2016 convention.

    We have two good grassroots conservatives running for state chairman next weekend, Daoud and Harnett. I would suggest the grassroots and conservatives get behind whichever one does not make state chairman and immediately start working to get him elected as National Committeeman next year and get rid of the traitor David Lewis. I have also heard that Lewis’ attendance record at RNC is not very good.

    We also cannot let the state chairmanship fall to the Obama policy cabal. Colllins is wrapped up very closely with the ringleader of that cabal, Stewart and even had one of the front people of the phony ”conservative” group backing Obama policy appear as his surrogate. Further Collins is running a very expensive campaign, and the question needs to be asked where the money is coming from. Stewart has demonstrated that he has access to money from some very dubious sources. Who really owns Craig Collins?

    Republicans need to work to right the ship within our own party and get rid of the Obama infiltrators.

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