Conservative Review: Grades of F for Tillis AND Burr (Eight of 13 House members FAIL)

There’s another player out there rating the conservatism of DC politiciansConservative Review.  The folks at that burrtsite give both North Carolina senators failing grades, and pass only FIVE of North Carolina’s 13 House members.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-11) earns a grade of 96 percent (A), while Walter Jones (R-3) comes in second with 70 percent (C).   Virginia Foxx (66 percent), George Holding (65 percent) and Patrick McHenry (63 percent) all earned grades of D.    Hudson, Ellmers, Walker, Rouzer and Pittenger ALL got grades of F.  (Pittenger earned the “honor” of being the most liberal Republican in the delegation. Of course, the three remaining Democrats failed.) 

Things didn’t look much better in the Senate.  Both of our guys there earned grades of F.   Burr comes in at 49 percent while Tillis gets a nice round 40.

RINO123Let’s compare all of this info with our neighbors down south in The Palmetto State.  Six of their seven House members are Republicans, and they tallied up 2 As, 2 Bs, a C, and a D.  (Democrat James Clyburn got the only F.) 

In the Senate, Tim Scott earns an 85 (B) while Lindsey Graham-nesty gets a 47.  (Wow. Thom is to the left of Lindsey. #SMH). 

South Carolina manages to get a more respectable pool of Republican officeholders.  What is our problem up here? 

Remember this info, as well as the Heritage Action info, the next time one of these turkeys sends you mail, runs and ad, or gives a speech crowing about how “conservative” they are.


6 thoughts on “Conservative Review: Grades of F for Tillis AND Burr (Eight of 13 House members FAIL)

  1. Assuming the Constitution is worth the paper it is printed on, we need to remember that Congress has the power of the purse. All of these “F” recipients have voted time and time again to fund the Obama agenda. That in itself says it all.

  2. You can make an F but if your daddy owns the company you still got a job in the front office.

  3. NC Republican voters need to expel our failed Senator in the 2016 GOP primary. Tricky Dick Burr needs to go.

    1. Vote for ME! Hell, I’m no worse than Burr and Tillis, plus, I don’t feel no ways taaahrd! (HRC)

      She is MUCH worse! (#Bill’sBimbos’LivesMatter)

  4. The North Carolina Senate and Congressional delegations are an embarrassment. The Republican Party is a pathetic excuse for an opposition party to the Democrats. We must change this situation now.

  5. Is there a link that shows what these grades are based upon? I ask because there is a big part of the “conservative” movement that is ready to go to to war with the whole world without any confirmable proof or justification. And if the Conservative Review considers such an attitude
    “conservative,” then I’d have to toss some of those ratings out the window. (Of course, this would not affect the likes of Elmers, Pittenger, et. al….

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