Tholls: From Bad to Worse for GOPe on I-77 fiasco?

warTomorrow, dozens of  players in the North Mecklenburg business community will travel to our fair capital city to make it clear they do not care for the plan to slap tolls managed by a foreign contractor on Interstate 77 — a key transportation artery within their home base of operations.  The group even includes some players within the NASCAR community — a local, state, and national political force. 

Adding to that is a great exposé from Davidson blogger Rich Short. With the help of his friendthomsigh Google, Short manages to dig up quite a few professional, personal and political ties between Governor Pat McCrory and the Spanish contractor picked to manage the tolling and widening of Interstate 77.   There are consultants close to McCrory’s two campaigns for governor, as well as former staffers at NCGOP involved here.  As Short recommends, equip yourself with some Pepto-Bismol before you start reading.  What you learn may be a bit stomach-churning.