NC-02: Jim Duncan steals the show at district’s GOP convention

Over 200 Republican leaders in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District gathered in Sanford today for their party’s district convention.  As expected,  there were candidates for the 2016 election cycle pressing the flesh and pitching for support. jd

All three announced candidates for the 2016 GOP primary for US House — Frank Roche, Jim Duncan, and incumbent Renee Ellmers — were present and accounted for. (So — by the way — were a number of my moles.) 

One mole — a longtime activist in the district — offered up this account:

“Ellmers rolled in with her husband and a staffer.  She plopped down in the back of the room and stayed about 20 minutes.  After she spoke, she tried to high-tail it out the door.  She left the staffer to videotape the rest of the proceedings.  This is HER district.  HER people. We don’t see much of her, and when we do, she gives us twenty minutes.”re

My source said Ellmers received polite applause when she was introduced. But, things got interesting when she finished speaking and tried to leave. Another source recounted the event:

”Some guy stopped her to talk in the doorway on her way out.  While they were talking, a roar goes up in the crowd.  It’s Jim Duncan getting announced and taking the podium. People were standing and cheering.  I saw an amazing amount of enthusiasm for Mr. Duncan from the Harnett County delegation, which is Renee’s home team.

Duncan delivered a great speech.  He was preaching it.  He definitely brought his A-game. And Renee had to listen to it from the back of thefr room.

Frank Roche got up to speak too, and he got politely received. But anyone who sat in this room had to come away with the impression that Jim Duncan has this group won over.”

13 thoughts on “NC-02: Jim Duncan steals the show at district’s GOP convention

  1. Thank you for the update, glad to know Jim Duncan was well received.Frank has had his shot in 3 races, 0-3 is his record. Best of luck to the Duncan campaign.

  2. But Jim missed a perfect chance as Renee was closing the door behind herself to say “I won’t just come here to talk, but I’ll stay around to listen to you also.”

  3. I am in the 7th district , so I can only pray that Ellmers will lose the primary. I am very pro-life , and she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if ever there was one. Get rid of her District 2 for all of us !

  4. Thanks for the report, I’m not really surprised at any of this. Not surprised Jim Duncan put together a good speech, not surprised Renee Ellmers was in and out very quickly (insert congressman and district names here, same story), and not surprised this website gave Jim Duncan a glowing review while foo fooing Frank Roche’s performance.

    Roche’s campaign is off to a good start and sell him short if you want, but he has staff from Greg Brannon’s campaign so the theories and “wishing him away” are certainly going noplace.

  5. A whole lot of people are about to find out what a class act Jim Duncan is!! This is an easy choice people…don’t go out of your way to make it difficult.

  6. Glad to hear NCGOP2 activists get it. Hope they’ll do a lot of outreach to average GOP voters who don’t attend Party events. That’s the way you beat big money in a Primary.

    1. Senator Norm Sanderson can tell you how big money can be beaten. In an open seat race in a GOP district, the Raleigh crowd pushed a guy who was registered Republican but a longtime major Democrat contributor and even one of the Purdue airplane providers. That establishment candidate raised and spent half a million dollars for the GOP primary. Sanderson spent $39,000 but had great grassroots support and won a three way race with 51%.

  7. To say we are disgusted with Ellmers is an understatement! The GOP should ask her to step down! The 2nd District is not alone in their disdain for this phony. Party unity? Until our NC Reps start acting in accordance with our conservative principles, get ready to lose another election in 2016. That’s why there is apathy! That’s why there is in-fighting. Hey GOP, stop trying to feed us garbage, while telling us it’s ice cream. WE THE PEOPLE KNOW BETTER!

  8. Jim did a great job on Saturday … a good start to a winning campaign, the 2nd district is lucky to have someone line Jim stepping up. The cheers from the crowd were a clear signal that change is due in the district.

  9. Those of you in the 2nd District had better connect the dots.

    Dee Stewart is working to re-elect Renee Ellmers:

    Dee Stewart is the consultant for Crag Collins for NC Chairman.

    If you want to get rid of Renee Ellmers, you do not want Crag Collins as NCGOP Chairman. They are joined at the hip through Dee Stewart.

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