NC-02: Nobody knows what it says, but Renee says TPP / TPA is A-OK.

Renee EllmersCongress is busy ramming through the fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  The document is classified — locked up under guard in The Capitol. It reportedly gives Barry Obama a bunch of new powers in the twilight of his lame duck term. Republican leaders have admitted that they haven’t read the details of this agreement.  (Kinda like ObamaCare.) But Boeher, McCarthy & co. are still helping Big Barry push this thing through the Congress.

Of course, our girl Renee Ellmers is following right along behind her “bosses”:



Is it DC’s job to promote IBM (with OUR money) ???  How does this kind of secrecy and lack of transparency help or benefit the folks here in North Carolina she supposedly represents in Washington?  

I am willing to bet she can’t expound on that tweet to save her life.