#ncga House Finance GOPers teaming up with Dems on licenses for illegals

speedyIn 2014, the NCGOP platform said THIS: 

[…] We support the issuance of a driver’s license or state identification card only to those who are lawfully present. […]

Here in 2015, we have members of the House GOP majority working with Democrats to issue “restricted” driver licenses to undocumented illegal aliens. 

Check out this subsection title in H328: 


Wait.  WHY would good Republicans support something like this that clearly flies in the face of the party platform?  Well, this week, Rep. John Blust (R-Greensboro) tried to strip that section from the bill while in committee.   The gang over at NCFIRE — an anti-amnesty group — has IDed TEN — count em, TEN — committee Republicans who voted with Democrats to stop Blust’s effort to keep illegals from getting driver licenses. Here they are:

1. Rep Charles Jeter
2. Rep Harry Warren
3. Rep Jonathan Jordan
4. Rep Brian Brown
5. Rep Jeff Collins
6. Rep Bob Steinburg
7. Rep Skip Stam 
8. Rep Nelson Dollar
9. Rep Jay Adams
10. Rep Larry Yarborough

(A vote on the full bill is slated for this coming Tuesday in the committee.  Get on the phone and work on these folks to do the right thing.)  

Let’s look at the version of the party platform up for adoption at this weekend’s NCGOP  convention.  crowdThe 2014 language about licenses is still there, but this language has been added:

[…] We oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by intentionally violating the immigration law, disadvantage those who have obeyed it. Granting amnesty only rewards and encourages more law breaking. […] 

Interesting.  It seems like the opposition to amnesty among party activists is growing stronger while a number of Republican legislators appear to be wavering.  

Question:  What good is this platform if we’re going to smile at and shrug off elected Rs who campaign on the platform, but then do something else in Raleigh or DC? 

12 thoughts on “#ncga House Finance GOPers teaming up with Dems on licenses for illegals

  1. So I asked a guy the other day, hey what you doing this weekend?

    He said oh I’m going to a Republican convention so I said oh yeah? Where they having it, so he said. You know down at that phone booth at fifth and seventh.

    So I said how you going to fit all those conservatives in a phone booth, So he said, didn’t you hear me? this is a Republican convention.

  2. The Obama Republicans are identifying themselves. Many of those who are pushing Obama policy on immigration are the same ones who are pushing Obama policy on green energy. These are two of Obama’s biggest signature issues. Nelson Dollar, Charles Jeter, and Bob Steinberg, for example, are out and out Obama Republicans.

    Conservatives need to get busy and get behind some real Republicans to oust these phonies who have betrayed the party and its voters on amnesty and/or green energy.

    The Obama Republicans on green energy are Solyndra Republicans, while those who are Obama Republicans on immigration are La Raza Repubicans. The very worst Obama Republicans are the ones who are both.

    1. You probably need to talk to conservatives in each of the districts of those ten turncoats to identify primary opponents. Brian Brown had a conservative primary opponent last time who might be a good one to contact about running again. Jeff Collins has a conservative former GOP legislator from Franklin County who was double bunked with him in the last redistricting and would make a very good primary opponent.

      My contributions in 2016 will be geared to primaries and replacing people like the ten above and the ones who betrayed us on renewable energy. If Harry Warren gets a conservative challenger, I will definitely contribute to the effort to get rid of him. He badly needs to go.

  3. WHY does this web page continue to jump to the top so only the top of the article can be read???
    leave us contact info for these traitors, please. 🙂

    1. Add Rep. Susan Martin to this list from Wilson. She also voted ‘nay’ to Blust Amendment to remove the licenses for illegals. We had two sets of video footage and it was difficult to identify the guilty parties from a seated position in the back. Thanks for the support on this page.

      1. Susan Martin is angling for Buck Newton’s Senate seat. Someone down there needs to start looking for a different Senate candidate. We don’t need a La Raza Republican who supports Obama’s crusade for illegal aliens in our State Senate.

    2. Rep. Charles Jeter also voted against H318 “Job Protection for North Carolinians.” So, exactly who are his constituents over in Meck County? Unauthorized workers, ineligible for licenses, by default illegal? Really…do they vote as well?

      1. Charles Jeter seems to vote liberal on everything. Is that the influence of his roommate, liberal Unaffiliated legislator Paul Tine? Or is Jeter really Barack Obama in whiteface? Jeter needs a primary and to be G-O-N-E.

  4. This is the response I got from Jeter.
    “I voted against the bill in committee

    Rep. Charles Jeter”

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