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#ncga: “Here’s my Jamaican driver’s license, officer.”

I swear these people on Jones Street have lost their freaking minds.  Thanks to my dad’s job, my family moved all over the country and the world.  One of our international stops was South Korea.  In order for my parents to operate a personal family…

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#ncga: (*Sigh*) IDs for illegals, again

Let’s see if I can get this, um, “straight.”   Legislation to ban gay marriage and take a stand against judicial tyranny gets ridiculed mercilessly by the GOP majority in the General Assembly and banned from even getting a hearing. Yet, another piece of legislation…

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#ncga [Amnesty foes STILL coming after Jeter, Brawley in 2016]

Republican House members Charles Jeter and Bill Brawley have been contorting themselves intensively trying to distance themselves from that recent Finance Committee vote to allow driver licenses for illegals. However, ALIPAC — a prominent anti-amnesty lobbying group — says they still plan to oppose the…

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#ncga [Blust calls out House leaders on illegals licensing deal]

State Rep. John Blust gave a pretty eye-opening interview to our friends at The Rhino Times about an issue that has people fired up from Murphy to Manteo: Rep. John Blust (R-Greensboro) said he thinks hearing the bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s…

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#ncga: Now THIS is what I call lobbying.

I have to stand up and applaud Oathkeepers of Rowan County.  They put together a classic missive for our legislators to hammer home a great point about driver licenses for illegals: Subject:  3 out of 4 No. Carolinians ask: WTF are you doing?   Harry…

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#ncga [Jeter: Setzer and Jones saw me say NO]

The crazy vote in the House Finance Committee to allow illegal aliens to drive just won’t go away.  With no official tally of yeas and nays, and chairman Bill Brawley’s decision to have members vote by standing or sitting (instead of responding to a roll…

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#ncga [MORE on driver licenses]

*SIGH*.  There’s nothing like having your veracity challenged by politicians.  We posted earlier about Republicans selling out the party platform to enable illegal aliens to obtain driver licenses in North Carolina.  Our post included a list of those Republicans compiled by three different sources who…

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#ncga [ House GOP OKs licenses for illegals]

THIS is mind-boggling:  When a bill that would allow immigrants in the United States illegally to obtain limited driving privileges cleared the House Finance Committee Tuesday morning, Gregorio Morales and Carmen Rodriguez were among the folks sitting in the back of the room smiling. Yeah….

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#ncga House Finance GOPers teaming up with Dems on licenses for illegals

In 2014, the NCGOP platform said THIS:  […] We support the issuance of a driver’s license or state identification card only to those who are lawfully present. […] Here in 2015, we have members of the House GOP majority working with Democrats to issue “restricted” driver…