#ncga [ House GOP OKs licenses for illegals]

igiveupTHIS is mind-boggling: 

When a bill that would allow immigrants in the United States illegally to obtain limited driving privileges cleared the House Finance Committee Tuesday morning, Gregorio Morales and Carmen Rodriguez were among the folks sitting in the back of the room smiling.

Yeah.  I’d smile too if I’ve been granted services from the state while openly breaking the law. MORE: 

Morales, who is originally from Mexico, has lived in the United States for 17 years – seven of those in North Carolina – and would be one of the people lining up for the new identity cards if House Bill 328 becomes law.

“I am a small-business owner. I have a landscape company,” Morales said shortly after the vote. He and his five employees would all benefit from the bill, he said.

How is that small business legal?  If he’s NOT a citizen, he has no social security number. Is he paying taxes?  Is he withholding taxes from employees like the rest of us? Is he adhering to all of these OSHA, Department of Labor regs the rest of us are bombarded with?  (DOUBT it.) MORE: 

[…] “When you’re driving without a license, you always feel fear,” he said.

Rodriguez said she routinely drives without a license and without insurance to get her three children to school and herself to a job.

“I drive with fear. My kids are scared of police officers,” Rodriguez said through an interpreter.[…] 

I bet they ARE scared of the cops when they know mamacita is running around violating all kinds of laws in a foreign country. HOW are the kids enrolling in school without any kind of legal ID or social security numbers or that kind of thing? MORE: speedy

[…] House Bill 328 would create a “restricted ID” for undocumented residents in North Carolina that would look different from a standard driver’s license. People obtaining one of the permits would need to undergo fingerprinting and background checks and prove their identity. Driving privileges would be attached to the restricted ID once applicants pass a state driving test and obtain liability insurance coverage.

While the bill cleared committee on a 22-11 vote, the measure is controversial, splitting Republicans in the House who are divided between encouraging people who are on the road anyway to get insurance and those who say the state should not provide public benefits to undocumented workers.

“What we want to do in this undocumented community is to separate those who are engaged in criminal activity from those who otherwise are not engaged in unlawful activity,” said sponsor Rep. Harry Warren, R-Rowan.

Um, sneaking into this country without contacting immigration IS illegal, Harry.  MORE:

“I believe they are committing a crime being illegally present in the United States,” said Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham, who dialed in on provisions of the bill that would require someone who obtained one of the new driving privilege cards to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check that would ensure they hadn’t committed any serious crimes.

Gov. Pat McCrory, also a Republican, sent his legislative liaison to the committee Tuesday to express his disapproval as well.

“He is opposed to this bill,” said Ryan Minto. “He (the governor) is concerned with the provision providing driving privileges to people in the country illegally.”

Ah, finally.  Some sense being articulated from the governor’s office.  Hallelujah! MORE:legis

[…] During a committee meeting last week, opponents of the bill tried to do away with the driving privilege provision. That amendment, which would have left mainly punitive measures in the bill, failed.

Warren said the bill was meant to provide both a “carrot and stick” to urge drivers to obtain identification and insurance. Roughly 10 states already offer a similar privilege, Warren said, although North Carolina’s standards for obtaining the card would be more stringent than most.

How about a “carrot and stick” to force these people to go follow the process so many other people have over the years ???? 

Warren and other backers of the bill said that immigration is a federal issue, one the United States government hasn’t dealt with efficiently. The result, he said, was an estimated 325,000 undocumented people in North Carolina alone, a situation that has created a hazard on the state’s roads.

Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, R-Wake, pointed out that, in the case of an accident involving a driver without insurance, the other driver’s insurance bears the cost of damage and medical bills. Part of the insurance premiums drivers pay every month go toward covering such accidents.


Oh, and HERE are the Republican legislators who violated the GOP platform and worked with the Democrats to get this travesty through committee:

Bill Brawley 919-733-5800 Bill.Brawley@ncleg.net
Harry Warren 919-733-5784 Harry.Warren@ncleg.net
Brian Brown 919-733-5757 Brian.Brown@ncleg.net
Jeff Collins 919-733-5802 Jeff.Collins@ncleg.net
Jonathan Jordan 919-733-7727 Jonathan.Jordan@ncleg.net
Nelson Dollar 919-715-0795 Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net
Larry Yarborough 919-715-0850 Larry.Yarborough@ncleg.net
Paul “Skip” Stam 919-733-2962 Paul.Stam@ncleg.net
Charles Jeter 919-733-5654 Charles.Jeter@ncleg.net
Bob Steinberg 919-733-0010 Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.net
Susan Martin 919-715-3023 Susan.Martin@ncleg.net
Jay Adams 919-733-5988 Jay.Adams@ncleg.net

Go get ’em!

There is no grassroots outcry for this.  Why are they doing it?  Clearly, the requirements for insurance benefit the insurance industry.  We all know there are a few lobbyists running around Jones Street passing out checks.  But, then, you are now counting on people who have been violating the law for years to suddenly comply with the law and obtain auto insurance. wall

Retailers with relationships with Western Union, for instance, would also benefit.  Making it easier for these folks to hang around in Carolina del Norte ensures that they will keep stopping by and wiring that dinero down south. 

The Farm Bureau and The Chamber of Commerce also benefit.   This is a great benefit for their members’ low-wage employees.

Special interests are trumping the interests of those of us who are supposed to be represented by these people.  Remember these names.  Start prepping for the primaries.  We’ve got the power to deal with this arrogance legally and lawfully.  Let’s do it. 

43 thoughts on “#ncga [ House GOP OKs licenses for illegals]

  1. Operating a motor vehicle on the streets or highways of this state without liability insurance is a separate crime from driving without a license. I’ve had clients who were insured but not licensed. Why do we have to allow them a driving privilege just to get them insured? Ease of getting privileges like a drivers’ license, medicaid, welfare benefits, etc. encourages migration to NC. Yes, immigration is a federal issue, but our policies can help folks decide they’d rather be in California than North Carolina.

  2. There needs to be a billboard campaign or some such thing to let everyone in the districts of these dirt bags know exactly what they’ve done.

    The public is resoundingly against this, and they have just given their constituents the middle finger.

  3. The new state chairman needs to get over to the General Assembly immediately and read our guys the party platform on the driver’s license bill and overturning McCrory’s veto of the magistrate’s bill!

  4. The Political Ruling Class (PRC = RNC+DNC yields America Screwed) cares nothing for the future of our country. They can’t see past their own self interests and that’s getting reelected and controlling the purse strings of state legislatures and the whorehouse up in DC. Their logic: they feel they need to pass laws that will cater to lawbreakers and the hell with law abiding citizens. If the Republicans are supportive of passing laws that threatens the sovereignty of our country being over run by lawbreakers then primary their sorry asses and waste them in an election. They’re an enemy of the public and need to go. If the Republicans can’t get rid of everyone of these scumbag politicians and they get rewarded with another term, to hell with the Republicans and Democrats equally.

  5. The Scumbag Dirty Dozen.

    Keep this list and when the uninsured illegal lawbreaker without auto liability insurance crosses the center line and injures or kills one of your neighbors, family members, and there’s no insurance coming from the guilty party to help cover medical or funeral bills and you lose your house remember this list of asswipes:

    Bill Brawley 919-733-5800 Bill.Brawley@ncleg.net
    Harry Warren 919-733-5784 Harry.Warren@ncleg.net
    Brian Brown 919-733-5757 Brian.Brown@ncleg.net
    Jeff Collins 919-733-5802 Jeff.Collins@ncleg.net
    Jonathan Jordan 919-733-7727 Jonathan.Jordan@ncleg.net
    Nelson Dollar 919-715-0795 Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net
    Larry Yarborough 919-715-0850 Larry.Yarborough@ncleg.net
    Paul “Skip” Stam 919-733-2962 Paul.Stam@ncleg.net
    Charles Jeter 919-733-5654 Charles.Jeter@ncleg.net
    Bob Steinberg 919-733-0010 Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.net
    Susan Martin 919-715-3023 Susan.Martin@ncleg.net
    Jay Adams 919-733-5988 Jay.Adams@ncleg.net

  6. We have three people lined up to primary Challenge Harry Warren

    Two possible candidates for Charles Jeter

    One possible county commissioner candidate to run against Jimmy Dixon

    Currently in conversations with Candidates for Nelson Dollar, Jay Adams, Bob Steinberg, and Larry Yarborough

    Working on several more please help out!

    1. I’ll contribute to defeat the party traitors in each of these districts. We all need to do that.

      1. Representative Jeter, the only way to stay off of these Pinko-Commie-Liberal lists is never to vote for this kind of bill in the first place. I would also study the real Constitution and NOT CASE LAW like most lawyers do. The last advice is not to HOB KNOB with liberals, even and especially RINOs.

    2. Ought to be easy to find a challenger for Collins. I hear folks in his district, especially the western part, are smokin’ mad at him just now. And his western neighbor, Yarborough, is especially vulnerable in a swing district.

        1. Glen, you really ought to run again. Between licenses for illagals and green energy subsidies and mandates, Collins is liberal roadkill. The issues are there for you to win that primary,

          1. After the State Senate race in 2012 (Collins was not that bad in 2011-2012, and I chose not to try and take him out) I vowed that I would not run again unless I could properly finance a campaign with a real campaign team.

            I may be 100% immune from being coopted by establishment corruption (I hold my Constitutionalist beliefs way too strongly for that to happen), but I am terrible at fundraising. Collins is an expert fundraiser, while he is terrible in office. He will raise somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 for this race. For comparison, I raised $26,000 when I ran in 2010.

            Plus, it is more difficult to raise funds for a Primary than it is for a General, as I found out in my NC Senate Primary.

            I will tell you that if I could come up with ~ $100,000 and find a real experienced campaign team I would do it. Another anecdote from 2012 is that I actually tried to hire a real campaign team and could not afford to, because the closest Republican Management/Consultant team that would even talk to me was out of Maryland. I was told by several sources that teams out of NC, VA, SC, and TN were told that if they worked with me, they would never work for a Republican again. Dee Stewart at work, I am sure.

            At this point, all of the controversial positions I took in 2011 which were liabilities in 2012, have now been proven prescient and correct, so they are no longer at issue. Indeed, if I had a properly financed campaign with a proper campaign staff, I would be quite confident of victory.

            The problem is financing such a venture, and financing it early enough to actually make a difference in the primary.

            If I thought I could come up with that kind of fundraising I would do it, and I would dedicate 110% to it again like I did in 2010. All my donors have always been $20-$100 individuals.

            If I could solve my fundraising problem, I would do it.

            Collins is an expert fundraiser, but crap in office. I am a crap fundraiser, but 1000% dedicated to conservative Constitutional principles in office.

            Now that I have experience, and allies in Raleigh (there were NONE in 2011, there are at least 7 today) I would be 100 times more effective than I was in 2011, bet on it. Raising the $100,000 in cash to make it happen? That I suck at.

    3. Skip Stam is the opinion-maker in this bunch. I notice nobody ever goes after him. Cut off every one of the branches and so long as Skippy is still there, they WILL grow back. Mark my words.

  7. “The 2015 Platform Committee
    Rep. Paul B. “Skip” Stam, At-Large”

    I guess he did not become very knowledgeable about our parties platform because if he had then I would not have just seen him on the news defending rewarding illegals breaking the law with drivers licenses

    Article X. National Policy
    “11. We oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by intentionally violating the immigration law, disadvantage those who have obeyed it. Granting amnesty only rewards and encourages more law breaking.”

  8. You have been misinformed. My vote on Tuesday June 2 was FOR Rep. Blust’s amendment to remove the driving privilege.

    Today I chaired the committee and did not vote.

    Sincerely yours;


    Rep. William “Bill” Brawley
    House District 103
    919-733-5800 office
    Room 534 Legislative Office Building
    300 North Salisbury Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

  9. I see my appointed/elected Democrat Rep Graig Meyer standing in that video…. i have to wonder if he shared some of his white guilt w/ the lot…

  10. It’s simple. The reason they passed it was because not enough people in NC, care enough about illegal immigration, to call their Legislator and demand they vote against this insanity. (at least until one of their children gets raped or killed by one of these monsters) 5,000+ child rapes in 17 months by illegal aliens in NC. We have the reports documented on our website.

    1. From conversations I have had in my area, the problem is not so much that people don’t care. In fact, they do. The problem is that too many think that because they have a Republican legislator, they have a conservative who will look out for them, and too often, as in this rogue’s gallery of traitors, they are sadly mistaken.

      These Obama Republicans will seriously damage the brand of the GOP if this sort of crap keeps on. That is why party leaders should care about making sure they get replaced with trustworthy legislators in primaries.

      We need to be recruiting primary opponents to each of these despicable suckweasels right now. And we need to educate the voters on just what sort of backstabbing scumbags they are.

    2. I think there is also another reason, and that is that we are now seeing a phenomenon at the state level that we have been seeing for the last few years at the national level, and that is politicians who listen only to the lobbyists and beltway insiders and ignore the average voters. It does not matter how many peasants call them, they are going to do what the special interest masters want. With immigration, the special interest master is the Chamber of Commerce.

      At the federal level, it used to be that Richard Burr would sit on the fence or lean the wrong way on an issue, and then individual voters would melt the phone lines and he would end up voting right. For the past couple of years that doesn’t work any more. Voters melt the phone lines and he still votes wrong. Many of our GOP Congressmen have gotten the same disease. Voters melted the phone lines against CRominibus and against reelecting Boehner, but it did no good. They did not listen (except Jones and Meadows, who would probably have voted right anyway).

      Now we are seeing it at the state level. We saw it first with green energy, where way too many legislators voted for the special interests and kicked an outpouring of voter sentiment on the phone in the teeth. We see it again on drivers licenses for illegal aliens, something the polls show voters are overwhelmingly opposed to, and they again ignored the voters to ass kiss the special interests.

      If NCFIRE does not presently have a PAC, you need one. As President Reagan once said ”if you cannot make them see the light, then at least you can make them feel the heat.” It seems that legislators only listen to voters at election time. The best way to get legislators attention next time is to walk in with a set of scalps on your belt that you took in the last set of primaries. If that does not get their attention, nothing will. That list of supporters of illegal aliens on the committee vote would be a great target list to start with. Go get ’em.

      1. Maybe, we need to learn how to destroy the Chamber of Commerce, because it seems to be more about the Chamber of Horrors.

        How does the Chamber continue to exist? They don’t seem to do a blessed thing for WE THE PEOPLE? Who funds the bastards?

        I hope we can all do a little research on this and see what we can do to take them down. Also several of these FARM BUREAUS, which I hear cater to illegal immigration.

        Maybe we could start realizing that the FEDS are NOT going to do their jobs. This was pointed out in several posts to this blog. If that’s the case maybe we need to press our NC Government to deal with the illegals.

        In Singapore, if you spit on the sidewalk you get “caned”. Which is more cruel and unusual, illegally entering the US and stealing the resources of taxpayers or spitting on the sidewalk?

    3. There is a memo quoted at the end of the attached article from Grassroots North Carolina, the major pro-gun group in the state, that shows how to use your legislative campaign to generate PAC funds for you electoral campaign in the primary. They have a webpage where supporters can make PAC contributions, and they include it in their emails to supporters. NCFIRE can do something similar to build up a PAC fund to engage in the primaries.

      Grassroots NC says they want payback in the primaries. Lots of conservatives on lots of issues need that from the bunch we have in Raleigh right now. I hope NCFIRE will get active with a PAC to bring the pro-amnesty legislators home.


  11. Absolutely disgusting. Just another log on the fire of “no reason to support the GOP”. The party seems adamant at proving they arent interested in any principles I’m interested in, and that they no longer serve a purpose as fundamentally “different” than Democrats.

    Thanks for the list of people now added to my own “persona non-gratia” list. Not a one deserves my time, money, or vote.

    1. sorry but this is the reason the majority the delegates to the 2015 NCGOP Convention need you to join us and fight hard with us to save the GOP in NC so we can save NC and HELP SAVE AMERICA.

      At the NC GOP Convention last weekend if the delegates had shared this attitude above “NO Reason to support” then none of the positive change in the party that HAPPENED before my eyes would have happened… We the conservative people in NC need to own this party and reach out to others that are like minded and keep fighting for it and showing them that it is also worth the fight

      I ask you to please fight with us… giving up will not help anyone in this state make things better

      1. Hey now, I’m not at all about “giving up”… that wasnt the point I meant to convey.

        I’m certainly happy and willing to give my time, money, support and vote to those candidates whose judgement I can value and respect, and who will advocate for and advance the principles I think most important. Limited government, free markets, individual rights – these are important ideas I’m interested in furthering however I can.

        My point was that the GOP brand in this state seems pretty hell-bent on “not” being representative of those values and principles.

        The people on that list above are people I now know are not deserving of my support, and I think that’s a good thing to know – an “R” behind their name, unfortunately, does not bestow to them the credibility it may have in times past.

  12. All of these La Raza Republicans supported Obama’s crusade for illegal aliens over the official positions of the Republican Party as set out in our state and national party platforms. Many of them also are Solyndra Republicans who supported Obama’s green energy crusade against the official position of the Republican Party as set out in the platform. These are Obama Republicans, who are every bit as bad as Obama Democrats. Building a legislative majority based on such turncoats is like building on quicksand.

    Party loyalty is a two way street. This list of rogue legislators has just spit in the eye of every loyal Republican and announced that they have no loyalty to the Republican Party and its principles. The response of loyal Republicans should be to do everything possible to retire these traitors. Do not contribute to them. Do not support them. Do not vote for them in the primary OR general election. Better yet get proactive and find primary opponents for them, and get to work to nominate a real Republican in each of these districts instead of these phonies.

  13. #DefundTheGOP. Beck said it’s starting to have an impact. I don’t care who’s at the helm of the GOP in our party, I’m not coming back to the party until I see them standing up to this madness. There are large conservative media outlets waiting with baited breath for press releases from Michele and Hassan. I have a national connection at and they felt they could get national coverage for the huge grassroots victory from NC. If a tree falls in the forest….

    1. What about the vote last week on the Blust motion to remove that language? Did Jeter vote for it before he voted against it?

        1. So, in fact, Charles Jeter DID vote FOR drivers licenses for illegal aliens before he voted against them.

          1. It’s the usual trick the smarmy politicians like to play. Similar to the grass topping move. Who would know? Vote for emperor Obama’s agenda to weaken the country and then vote against it. These people need to go.

          2. The only time the bill came up for a vote, I voted no. The Blust amendment was imperfect in my opinion and I voted no. I then stood up and voted against the bill. I realize there are passionate feelings on this issue, but don’t target those on the same side with you by friendly fire.

          3. I’m curious – what was “imperfect” about the Blust amendment that prompted your no vote?

            (I’ve only given it a cursory glance myself).

  14. Might as well let the democrats back in power. Agreeing 80% of the time is one thing but when it hovers toward 50%. One has to ask themselves ” is it worth it”?

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