#ncgop [Hatin’ on A.J. and Hasan]

hh1A lot of folks sit around scratching their heads wondering why MORE quality people don’t step forward to offer themselves up for public service.  Well, after looking at some of the outrageous slander regarding the NCGOP chairman candidates that has poured over the transom to us in recent weeks — under fake names and email accounts, of course — I can understand why.

I had at least TWO geniuses try to convince us that A.J. Daoud was mobbed up.  That’s right.  A pal of Tony Soprano.  The “documentation” they sent along was so weak, we laughed and shook our heads in dismay.  Talk about some WEAK B.S.

 daoud(Oh, by the way, if you have real knowledge of someone committing criminal deeds, go to the cops. NOT us.)

Daoud has distinguished himself as a police officer and businessman and has been an outstanding community leader in his current hometown.  I’ve never met the man, but Daoud strikes me as a class act.  His decision to step out of the race at the last minute probably played a major role in doing in establishment favorite Craig Collins.  If he’s seriously interested in remaking the party to be more responsive to the grassroots, I sincerely hope he will be welcomed with open arms into a leadership role of some kind. 

The slander monkeys are going hard after Hasan Harnett AFTER the votes have alreadybill-cosby-500 been counted and he’s been sworn in as party chairman.   I had some genius — under a fake name, of course — send me a link to one of Hasan’s blogs.  This slander monkey tried to claim it proved Harnett is a full-blown disciple of witchcraft — the dark arts. 

What was so “disturbing” about said blog?  Harnett was speaking favorably about the message in the best-selling book “The Secret.”  A book that has been praised by Pat Robertson’s crowd — some other well-known practitioners of the dark arts. 

Let’s look at what had this slander monkey so upset — after the vote — about Harnett:

[…] On one hand, many of us subject ourselves to what we DON’T HAVE like:

  • I don’t have the education…
  • I don’t have the connections…
  • I don’t have the money…
  • I don’t have the resources…

The “I DON’T HAVE” mentality produces stinking thinking.  Stinking thinking is like a negative crop that gets harvested over and over again producing lack within the land of abundance.  As a byproduct it yields more fear, doubt, and an abundance of “I DON’T HAVE” limitations.  In other words, when you surround yourself to the thinking possibilities of the “I DON’T HAVE” mentality you get the full bloom manifestation of “I DON’T HAVE”.

On the other hand, there are people who stand on top of what they don’t have by saying “I HAVE”.  For example, when someone comes along and says “I HAVE” they are basically saying “I HAVE a state of consciousness of all that I need”.  The “I HAVE” mentality produces sweet thinking.  Sweet thinking is like a positive crop that gets harvested over and over again within the land of abundance.  The byproduct of this crop yields and reproduces unlimited possibilities in the land of abundance.

When we channel our thoughts we create, harvest, and reap our own realities.  In the land of abundance, our thoughts either produce stinking thinking or sweet thinking crops.  Thus, your biggest responsibility is to have clarity of thinking by defining your goals and figuring out precisely what you want.  Your second biggest responsibility, despite all odds, is to move closer towards your goals (on a daily basis).  This is the difference between I DON’T HAVE and I HAVE.  Your thoughts are the invisible things that manifest into tangible realities.  And all things remain forever possible.  You can do, be, and have anything you want based on your capacity.  Be encouraged to think and grow rich.[…]

Hmmm.  Sounds a lot like the free market gospel.  Or even Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Work hard — and think ncgoppositively — and you will, in all likelihood, reap the rewards of your hard work.  I thought that was the kind of thing we want preached from sea to shining sea. 

Oh, and it gets, um, *better.*  Several anonymous folks have sent me links to state board of elections records showing that Harnett voted in the Democrat primary in 2008.     Let’s harken back to 2008, folks.  By the time May rolled around, John McCain had sewed up the GOP nomination for president.  A guy you may have heard of — named Rush Limbaugh — was encouraging something called ”Operation Chaos.” 

Operation Chaos involved getting conservatives to switch to Democrat and to vote for Hillary Clinton against Barry Obama.  By Rush’s thinking, that would drag out the Democrat primary and make them beat each other up  and blow more money fighting each other.  Perhaps Harnett was taking part in that.  (A lot of good conservatives from across the country did.)  Has anybody bothered to ask him? 

For what it’s worth — Walter Jones served in the state legislature as a Democrat right up to the point he first ran for Congress.  I’m sure he voted in a few Democrat primaries.  Lauch Faircloth was a longtime Democrat activist — and cabinet member for a Democrat governor — before landing in the US Senate.  A guy named Jesse Helms was also a Democrat right up until he first ran for the Senate in 1972.  All three of those guys turned out to be great Republican leaders.

This kind of stuff is ridiculous, old and tired.  At a time when we ought to be plotting a course for the future of this great state and nation, we are busy making up stuff trying to tear down people personally.

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  1. Unity behind the Platform will bring Unity to the Party
    Unity behind a personality will lead a Party astray

    The Convention picked the Platform so lets keep it this way in not just in this election but every election in the party or outside the party

  2. Hmm, it’s not unexpected that people who favor power over principle, having lost some portion of that power, would respond in an unprincipled way.

    Or… once you know it’s a tiger, dont be surprised that it has stripes. 🙂

    “At a time when we ought to be plotting a course for the future of this great state and nation…”

    I think it’s clear – many people have no interest in that, even though they like to pretend otherwise. It’s just not their bag, man. 🙂

    Still – it is interesting to hear what sad wacko-bird attacks they’re coming up with… really scraping the bottom of the barrel, haha. 🙂

      1. You using smilies is much better then my spalling a grammer here… Maybe I should use more of them

  3. If their guy had won they would be all about “party unity”. Funny how that works.

  4. When Dee Stewart is involved in a race, smears are only to be expected. It is the way he operates. And it would appear that he and his minions also have a big dose of sour grapes. That liberal jerk David Lewis certainly does.

    I would contrast all of this with the class act that Jane Rouse and her supporters were after the executive committee voted for Sam Currin by one vote over her to fill the vacancy when Jim Hastings resigned. There were more votes cast in the chairman’s race than there were executive committee members present, something known at the time, but rather than cause a stink over that, Jane accepted the loss and got behind Currin to work to beat the Democrats.

    After the meeting, other issues came to light. Acting on some information, Debbie Beatty made calls to state ExCom members from the 11th District (Hastings district) who were listed as attending the executive committee meeting. She presented herself as doing follow up for Hilton Hotels and asked about the hotel’s service for the recent NCGOP Executive Committee meeting. A number responded that she must be mistaken, as they had not attended that meeting. What had led her to make those calls was someone noticing a number of particularly young members signing in from the 11th district. These were College Republican ringers run in to vote for Currin by impersonating ExCom members from the 11th district who could not attend. (I had included who the players were with 11th district and College Republican connections, but that is not the point of my comment, so I have deleted that. Currin himself may or may not have known about it, and at least one of those probably involved is still on the GOP playing field today and one of the probable ringleaders had a personal political bone to pick with Jane stemming from his own ego.)

    Even with that, Jane told Debbie to just let it go. Jane had worked too hard for the party to cause the sort of disturbance that releasing that info would lead to.

    I contrast the class act that Jane Rouse was in spite of basically being cheated out of the chairmanship with the sour grapes from today’s establishment which was beaten fair and square.

    1. I don’t remember if the Hilton had become the Brownstone by that time or not, but Debbie used whatever the name of the hotel was at the time.

    2. Speaking of check in.. When someone checks in at a excom meeting they should have a armband placed around their wrist.

      I addressed my conserns with the process of getting into the room for the last meeting as soon as i saw so many flaws with the process. And as you pointed out the flaws have been in this process for years.. And thank you for pointing that out

  5. It was brought to my attention, where is the press release from the Gov. Office congratulating the new NCGOP Elected officers? Anyone seen it?

  6. Conservative chances of winning would have been reduced if both AJ and Hasan had not both been in the race. Each motivated their own set of conservatives, which did overlap, but still each got conservative delegates to the convention that might not have turned out if just the other one was running. When it got down to one candidate against Collins, whether that happened on a second ballot runoff or from one dropping out, it was always in the cards that the grassroots conservatives would come together agasint Collins on the final vote.

    Using mulitple candidates to split the conservative vote only works when there is no runoff or it is at less than a majority. That strategy was not applicable here.

    It would be nice to find a prominent role for AJ, because he was part of this grassroots victory. Perhaps he could be the conservative grassroots candidate against the establishment’s David Lewis for National Committeeman in 2016.

    1. Well, remember, A.J. is already the 6th District Chair and sits on the Central Committee. He’ll still be involved no matter what.

  7. Clifton, did you even read what you posted about Pat Robertson? They are not praising the book… They say it is new age philosophy that claims we are God…. and definitely not Christian who buys into that.

  8. Harnett met the former Tim Johnson who founded Frederick Douglass Foundation and that was the point of his conversion.

    I was concerned and asked his team directly – original sources folks. They admit he was a Democrat. Who to better describe what our party offers then someone who converted.

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