#ncga: Now THIS is what I call lobbying.

legisI have to stand up and applaud Oathkeepers of Rowan County.  They put together a classic missive for our legislators to hammer home a great point about driver licenses for illegals:

Subject:  3 out of 4 No. Carolinians ask: WTF are you doing?


Harry Warren (the primary sponsor of this bill) is out of his mind.  His constituents are 90% opposed to this legislation.  It is obvious Harry is NOT running for reelection in Rowan County.  We have one of the highest poverty rates in the state and he burns his political bridges for illegals???

If you vote in favor of granting illegal aliens driver’s licenses in this state, you might as well have one of the following phrases tattooed on your forehead (pick the one that best applies to you):

  • ‘Bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce’
  • ‘Domestic turncoat’
  • ‘Constitutional sell-out’
  • ‘Frankly, Charlotte, I just don’t give a damn’
  • ‘I screwed my constituents (and myself)’
  • ‘I hate my state’
  • ‘Yo necesito el voto de los inmigrantes ilegales’
  • ‘The rule of law; what’s that?’
  • ‘Agri-Biz made me do it’
  • ‘I reward criminals !’

…..or just make up your own, as long as it honestly portrays the damage you intend to do. 

Rather than provide licenses to illegal aliens, we need to substantially increase penalties for driving without a license and enforce the law.

Please use your position and influence to stop H328 on the House Floor.

The NC Civitas May, 2015 poll shows 76% of all North Carolina voters oppose driving privileges for

illegal immigrants.  Clearly, this is a non-partisan issue for the public.

Granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens poses national security risks. speedy

Unlike legal immigrants, illegal aliens are not subject

to any background checks, health exams, or face-to-face interviews to determine

the existence of any national security threat that they might pose. HB 328 would these

national security threats to assimilate into our communities.

Granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens encourages more illegal Immigration. A

driver’s license is a state benefit. Providing public benefits to illegal aliens

only rewards illegal behavior and invites further illegal immigration. Illegal

immigration results in higher costs of living, reduced job availability, lower

wages, higher crime rates, reduced educational performance in schools, fiscal hardship on hospitals and substandard quality of care for residents. It also adds burdens on public services increasing their costs and diminishing their availability.

Granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens does not mean safer roads or more insured drivers.

Granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens does not guarantee that

illegal aliens will purchase auto insurance. New Mexico, which grants driver’s

licenses to illegal aliens, is also home to the nation’s second highest

percentage of uninsured drivers. There is no reason to think that illegal

aliens, having disregarded so many other laws, would obey this one, or have the

cash available or incentive to acquire auto insurance.

Rick Johnson

USAF (Ret)

North Carolina Oath Keepers Director

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Now THIS is what I call lobbying.

  1. Years and years of hard work trying to elect Republicans and now we fight against our own.

    Rep Jeter please let Rep Harry Warren we have 3 potential candidates to primary him.

    We have a new rule of compromise, just replace them.

    1. I hardly call ANY politician who supports the key policies of Barack Obama, whether Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens or climate change / green energy to be ”one of our own”. They are Obama Republicans, and just as bad as Obama Democrats. They need to go.

      Party loyalty is a two way street, and we expect those who run on the Republican ticket to support Republican positions, especailly on Obama’s signature issues like illegal aliens and green energy. if our elected officials chose to follow Obama positions instead of Republican positions, they need to have the integrity to switch parties, or they need to be primaried and defeated. Politicians who vote for Obama positions and then try to call themselves Republicans are running under false colors.

  2. Umm, yes. “that”.

    We could use a little more of this, instead of what we’re getting. 🙂

    That this proposal wasnt completely laughed out of a GOP legislature right off the bat is mind-boggling.

  3. I guess the legislature understands that having more licensed drivers among those driving increases the number of drivers who carry insurance. That is what has happened in other states that have taken this step, like NM. THAT is better for ALL of us.

    1. How about stop the non licenced people from driving… They are currently breaking the law.. So stop them…. How about legal american with licences should be free to make our lives better by robbing banks… Yes this is illegal but why should it be… If laws can be written to make things easy on illegals then make it legal for citizens to rob banks cause illegals are stealing from us to make their lives better so we should also be able to steal from someone else to make our lives better. Why should illegals get the free lunch in america when they break our laws

  4. Instruct my kids to follow the laws of this country, or face the consequences. Then they ask me about illegal immigration? What do I tell them?

    Go to any district court in Wake County on any given day and note the cases where Hispanics are cited for not having a drivers license operating a vehicle. The judge is not allowed to ask if they are legal citizens. The judge asks “are you going to get a license” the defendant says “si”. Judge tells defendant to pay fine and out the door they go. I am sure to their car in the parking deck and driving home.

    Hispanics also get a Spanish speaking DA present, because all of a sudden the defendants do not understand any English. Can we say, “playing the system”.

    Simpson-Mizolli 1986. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! We are being fooled again, and we will be shamed for it unless we speak out.

  5. Leave those poor progressive Republicans alone! Many of them who side with President Obama on undocumented immigrants are the same ones who side with President Obama and us hard core environmental activists on renewable energy. We should applaud progressive Republicans who are being bi-partisan by supporting President Obama’s key policies. They are helping President Obama govern.

    I see that some of those posting here want to call the undocumented immigrants ”illegal aliens”. Now, I know that ”illegal aliens” is the correct legal term under the immigration law, but that makes these people feel bad. So that they don’t feel bad, we should always call them ”undocumented immigrants” even if they are really not immigrants and really have documents of some sort. It is all about making them feel good about themselves.

    Its like drug dealers. Calling them that makes them feel bad, so you should always call them ”unlicensed pharmacists”.

    If those working on the undocumented immigrant issue need help, we can always recommend two progressive Republican consultants who are happy to promote President Obama’s programs if you give them enough Benjamins. They are Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker. They went right to work for President Obama’s renewable energy policies once we paid them.

    And remember that the key to getting these bi-partisan policies through to help President Obama govern are the progressives within the House GOP leadership, particularly David Lewis, Charles Jeter, Nelson Dollar, and Tim Moore.

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