#ncga [Something up in the House today?]


As you know, we — like Paul Tine — are members of the House Republican Caucus (without ever having been elected to the House as Republicans, of course).  We got this interesting missive in our email this morning:


Is there something interesting — like a veto override — in the works for this morning?  Or are those nights at Sullivan’s getting too late, too wild, and too crazy as far as leadership is concerned?

6 thoughts on “#ncga [Something up in the House today?]

    1. did this have to pass by 2/3rds because that would have been 73 votes ? so did this undo the veto or not ?

      1. Yes, it had to pass by 2/3 and yes it overrode the Veto. The Senate had already accomplished this, so it’s done. SB2 is now Law, notwithstanding the Governor’s veto. Thank God.

      2. Bear in mind there were 10 members with excused absences. Used to be (if I recall correctly) absences did not affect the threshold for an override, however House Rules change every Session, and sometimes every year.

        1. sometimes I am stupid. This is why I keep asking questions to learn and understand.
          So are you saying that the vote got to the 2/3 threshold because the excused absences counted ? Our at least this is your best guess of what happened?

          1. OK another web site said that “three-fifths majority was needed to override the veto” so that would work out to needing 66 and they got 69 so that works out and would answer my question to clarify the margin is passed with

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