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RINO rage over DPI’s Johnson

I was a little lukewarm about Mark Johnson when I first met him during the 2016 primary campaign.  But since he’s been in office, he’s done a bang-up job of getting on the last nerve of all the right people. Here’s the latest: The fight over who is running North…

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A pleasant surprise at NC DPI?

I must admit I had my early doubts about Mark Johnson.  I interviewed him on the campaign trail and learned he had ties to Michael Bloomberg, of all people.   But since taking office as state education superintendent, Mark Johnson has been knocking heads with ALL the right people.  Especially the…

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#ncga: WHY are Republicans protecting state funding for radical leftist non-profit?

Here it is, plain as day, in legislation currently being pushed through Jones Street by our Republican majority: […] “SECTION 8.37.(b) In implementing budget reductions for the 2015-2017 fiscal biennium, the State Board of EducationDepartment of Public Instruction shall make no reduction to funding or positions for (i) the North…

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Bannon IS right. Politics IS war. (Stop bringing knives to a gunfight.)

Steve Bannon has a point. In 2012, Democrats in North Carolina didn’t sit around and study their belly buttons philosophically.  They cranked up their BluePrintNC smear machine and went after the new GOP regime in Raleigh mercilessly.  You had their driveby media hacks pounding from one side.  You had the…

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#ncpol: Bloomberg-Johnson 2016?

Our favorite warrior princess, Lady Liberty, broke open the story this week about a GOP public schools superintendent candidate getting a BIG contribution from former NYC mayor and BIG, deep-pocketed, soda, gun and trans-fat banning liberal activist Michael Bloomberg. Mark Johnson, the candidate in question, was in Pinehurst Thursday night….