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Ellmers anticipating GOP primary challenge for 2012

        The New York Times has an article up today about nationwide voter anger, and how it could affect the job security of many congressional incumbents.   U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, a Dunn Republican likely to be representing Moore County in 2012,…

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Is Boss Bev BACK HOME?

The last we heard from The N&O — an annex of the governor’s communications office — Boss Bev was doing her best Marco Polo, traversing the Orient on the taxpayers’ dime.  We heard something about her signing a letter supporting ECU’s petition to join The…

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‘Occupy Raleigh’ running up the bill for local taxpayers

      The hippies camping out in our fair capital city, as part of the global nonsensical leftist temper tantrum known as the ‘occupy’ movement, may be starting to wear out their welcome with locals.  The N&O newsroom — perhaps realizing the cost for…

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The ‘Occupy Movement’ : Democracy vs. Mob Rule

Dr. Thomas Sowell, an economist at Stanford University, is one of the wisest people I know of when it comes to business and the economy.  He has some particularly interesting insights on this ‘Occupy’ movement in his latest nationally-syndicated column: In various cities across the…

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Donald Duck for …. MAYOR ????

  Pinehurst voters may think they have a lively mayoral race this year.  But that  Moore County election doesn’t hold a candle to the race for mayor in the New Hanover County community of Castle Hayne – a suburb of Wilmington: It appears Castle Hayne…

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NC redistricting: Good to go!

    The US Department of Justice has put its stamp of approval on new General Assembly and congressional for North Carolina — despite a computer glitch that left a handful of communities unassigned to a legislative district: The U.S. Department of Justice gave preclearance…

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Q & A with Renee Ellmers

        I am sure you were sitting around wondering what the favorite dessert of  our soon-to-be congressional representative is. If that question, and others like it, were eating away at you, check out Roll Call’s quickie interview with the Dunn Republican: Every…

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The 411 on North Carolina’s ‘Golden Leaf’ fund

    You hear mentions in passing in statewide news stories about something called “The Golden Leaf’ fund.  In this video, Jeanette Doran, a staff attorney at the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, offers a quick, layman’s terms explanation about this grant-awarding entity.

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Kissell, Shuler, McIntyre part of D.C.’s ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list

      Veteran DC-based political analyst Stuart Rothenberg has singled out three congressmen from North Carolina as part of his ‘Dangerous Dozen’ list of incumbents most likely to go down to defeat in 2012: … Larry Kissell (D-N.C.). Kissell finds himself in a redrawn district that moves…

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OWS: Wait! WE’RE the ONE PERCENT ????

        Morgan Housel, a columnist for the financial web site Motley Fool has found an interesting new way to view this ‘Occupy’ movement that has so captivated the alleged mainstream media.  Take the argument put forth by this group, and measure it…