NC-06’s Berger: Being Effective = Backing Boehner?

bill-cosby-500It’s really frustrating when Republican candidates say really dumb things that allow Democrats to come out sounding down-right sensible.  Case in point: Rockingham County prosecutor Phil Berger, Jr., who is locked in a runoff fight with Greensboro pastor Mark Walker for the GOP nomination for North Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District.

Berger recently gave Laura Fjeld, a former UNC system employee and the district’s Democrat nominee, a chance to score some points: 

Berger Jr. pledges allegiance to the Washington D.C. establishment

Republican Congressional Candidate Phil Berger Jr. recently gave an interview to State Government Radio’s People in Politics segment, in which he pledged his support for Republican Speaker John Boehner.

Berger Jr.’s quote, when asked if he would support Boehner for speaker was:

“We are going to put ourselves in the position to represent the people of the sixth district most effectively.  And going to Washington and supporting leadership is one of the things that we can do to be effective members of Congress.”log

Only an out of touch pawn of the Washington establishment would think that supporting leadership is the best way to be effective. Berger Jr. does not understand that North Carolina voters are fed up with the status quo because their needs are being ignored.


Phil Berger JrOuch.  This kinda reminds me of when Renee Ellmers described John Boehner as her “boss.”   What happens when what Boehner wants is the opposite of what your folks back home want?  

This past week, all of the North Carolina Republicans — minus Walter Jones — were in Pinehurst to raise money for Berger.  Remember, HE is STILL locked in a race against another Republican.  

When you serve in the House, your title is “representative.”  Supposedly, you are representing the “little people” back home.  More and more, it appears the “honorables” are representing the clique in DC and playing defense against US.