NC-02: Ellmers THE ONLY NCGOPer to back welfare for illegal immigrants

Renee EllmersRenee Ellmers is the luckiest broad in the Milky Way galaxy.  She would be little more than a political footnote if not for this video.  In 2012, redistricting lagged for so long that she avoided a substantial primary opponent.  In 2014, a deep pocketed potential challenger backed out at the last minute due to family concerns.  She was left with a primary foe who was basically damaged goods before the campaign got going.

Ellmers’ 2014 challenger made amnesty for illegal aliens a central focus of his campaign.  But, he had little money to trumpet his support for securing the borders and point out Ellmers’ blatant support for amnesty.  Despite this blow-up on national radio and this testy meeting with constituents that went viral, Ellmers won renomination with 59 percent of the vote. 

Her buddy, House Majority leader Eric Cantor, lost his primary this week — thanks largely to Tea Party outrage over Cantor’s amnesty advocacy.  His little-known opponent was aided by news reports about an illegal alien surge at the Arizona border.   Ellmers may have met a fate similar to Cantor’s if the North Carolina primary had been held THIS month.

Safely past the primary, and with Clay Aiken her only obstacle to another two years in DC,  Ellmers is back to her inside-the-beltway sycophancy: 

Many Republican supporters of loose borders, along with quite a few Democrats, vehemently deny that they support amnesty. They contend that merely asking illegal aliens to pay a fine and back-taxes in return for legal status is not amnesty. Fox News’s Brit Hume passionately denounced those who refer to some of the immigration proposals in Congress as amnesty.

But amnesty means “an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.” What else would you call granting legal status, let alone the privilege of full blown citizenship, to millions of people who came to the U.S. illegally?

Even beyond amnesty itself, Congress seems to trip over itself providing benefits to people who came to the U.S. illegally. Just look at the inability of the GOP-controlled House to deny aliens welfare and benefits even before they are granted legal status.wall

On Tuesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered an amendment to the FY 2015 Transportation-HUD appropriations bill (H.R. 4745) to cut off Section 8 housing for those here in the country illegally. Gohmert cited a 2009 HUD study which showed that 0.4% of spending for housing programs go towards subsidizing illegal immigrants. His amendment would have cut the Public Housing Capital Fund by $7.1 Million and the Public Housing Operating Fund by $17.6 million, which is commensurate to the 0.4% share of the overall budget steered towards housing subsidies for illegal aliens.

In a time when some American citizens can’t get the housing they need it is unacceptable that those ineligible are stealing from them. This amendment would help encourage HUD to look into this problem and make corrections in their oversight and enforcement of the laws that should govern the way they run the federal housing assistance programs,” said Gohmert.

Amazingly, 70 Republican House members joined with almost every Democrat to defeat Gohmert’s amendment. Among those who voted to keep the subsidies for illegals were Eric Cantor and Renee Ellmers, two Republicans who were challenged on their support for amnesty. Ironically, Cantor was defeated in a stunning upset on that very day by Dave Brat who criticized Cantor for promoting policies that have attracted more illegal immigration.

Check out the roll call vote.  Ellmers was THE ONLY Republican from North Carolina to oppose this no-brainer of an amendment.  Seriously, folks.  AT WHAT POINT do we tell this woman that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?


Democrats and establishment Republicans will continue to vociferously deny their support for amnesty, but their refusal to take legalization and welfare benefits off the table even before securing the border speaks for itself. Call it amnesty, lawlessness, open borders, a convoluted version of immigration reform, or just plain doubling down on failure, but one thing is clear: it is wrong for America. It places the interests of foreign citizens over those of native Americans and legal immigrants. If the continued border surge (engendered by the magnets of endless subsidies and care), coupled with Cantor’s defeat, do not serve as a wake-up call, some of these politicians might have to learn the hard way.